Prayer actually means putting the meaningful request before pray to God.  With an extreme sense of dedication, love, and trust when we bow our head in front of God and convey our needs is what prayer means.  There is a sense of dedication involves in it.  We cannot think of asking something in prayer without a sense of dedication.  Dedication of our ego, the dedication of our pride, the dedication of material thinking, and all the evil we feel in ourselves.  Prayer is actually the process of connecting ourselves to God.  When our heart is surrounded by feeling of despair, grief, anguish, pain, there is no other way other than the prayer to get rid of these.  Prayer is such a practice that gives us the ray of light in the darkness of grief and sorrow. In fact, when we pray to God, and dedicate ourselves in front of him with the bottom of the heart, then we automatically get a rise off from our material thinking.

This is the time when we actually realize the transient, impermanent, and momentary nature of this life so as our subject of troubles.  We realize that subjects of our trouble, are so small and worthless.  We start feeling ourselves much larger and stronger than these.  At the same time, we find ourselves in the care of that almighty, all-capable, and omniscient God, who is free from every boundary.   The light of this knowledge gives us freedom from every tangle, difficulties, sadness, mourning, bondage, and sin.  A few moments of this divine feeling fills our mind and soul with immense energy.  Nervousness gets disappear.  Waves of emotions start getting calm down.  We feel ourselves in a state of peaceful meditation. Perhaps this is the situation after which the cycle of miracles is turned on. Divine grace begins to rain and we can feel everything positive happening all around.

There are lots of people in the world who experienced the miracles of God grace directly.  We too feel that many times in our life and cannot ignore them saying that they are coincidences.  Regarding prayer in front of God, scholars have given their own interpretations. When we talk about the meaning of prayer, then this line from Mahatma Gandhi help us to figure out what the prayer actually means. Mahatma Gandhi describes the prayer in these words. “Worship, prayer are no superstition; they are acts more real than the acts of eating, drinking, sitting or walking. It is no exaggeration to say that they alone are real. I have no doubt about this that heartfelt worship is a panacea for the purification of the temple. -Mahatma Gandhi.

According to El Crawford “Prayer is the perfect process of sophistication and scrape.”

By following certain rules of prayer, we can find God’s grace soon.

1. For a meaningful prayer in front of God, faith in God is key factor, it should prevail in mind.  The closeness to God depends on how strong is your faith in God.

2. At the time of praying there should not be a sense of hatred for anybody.  Prayer should always be from the bottom of heart.  God does not listen to somebody who wants to take advantage of others and those who want to take away the rights of others.

  1. One should pray alone in front of God. Because the concentration of mind is very important during prayer, which only accessible in seclusion.
  2. During the prayer in front of God, we can ask God for both spiritual and material pleasures. Because as a human being all these matters for us, whether it is material or spiritual.
  3. If the body is also pure with the mind, then it helps in keeping the mind concentrated and positive. That is why taking shower before going to the temple is considered good.  It does not make any difference to God from your taking shower, instead, it helps in creating a mind setup in fact help in getting concentrated.
  4. Trust yourself, when you ask for anything from God, God definitely listens to you, but, you should not give up your efforts. God may pave your way, but it is only you who will have to walk.


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