There has been a long history of incidents taking place of accuses of sexual harassment on the celebrities.  There is such a news appeared in social media.  According to this news playback singer, Papon kissed a minor. Singer Papon who is a famous Bollywood singer is accused of allegedly touching and kissing a minor girl.  This happened during the shooting of a reality show. The shooting was going on on the theme of holy celebration.

Playback singer Papon is facing accuses of kissing a minor girl forcibly on the set of the reality show. In a video running on the internet, anybody can see playback singer Papon kissing a minor girl. The girl was actually one of the contestants on the show.

Playback singer Papon is her mentor. According to the report, playback singer Papon kissed the minor in an inappropriate way. During this incident, other jury members of the show which includes Shaan, Himesh Reshammiya, and Palak Muchhal were also present there.


Papon shared the video on his Facebook page.  It seems that singer was in a light moment with contestants. By the way, Papon was a jury member of that show.  And in the video, it looks as if he is affectionately planting a kiss on a minor.

A Supreme Court advocate (Runa Bhuyan) has sent a letter to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights saying that the singer’s act was “inappropriate”.

Terming the whole act as a “sexual offense”, advocate Runa Bhuyan in her complaint writes, “I am shocked to see the behavior of the said singer Angarag Papon Mahanta towards a minor girl where he is seen applying colors on a minor girl and inappropriately kissing the said girl. On seeing the video, I am seriously concerned regarding the safety and security of minor girls participating in reality shows across India.”

Papon’s advocate Gaurang Narang says that the whole incident is taken in a wrong way.  In a telecon with India Today, he said, “A person will not put anything against him in the public domain for anybody to pick it up and make it a complaint. it is very unfortunate, that a lawyer who has done this- maybe it is her mindset. But the fact remains that this kind of compassion, affection should not be misconstrued. By the way, the singer is quite disturbed by the whole incident.”

Clearance in support of incident

His lawyer also referred to the statement issued by the minor’s father requesting that “the relationship between a guru and a shishya” should not be maligned.

It is evident that Papon himself uploaded that video about which the controversy occurred.

According to the lawyer why a person will put anything such that on social media about which he thinks may go against him. In addition to this, the lawyer said that it is very unfortunate that this happened. The opposition lawyer had made her mindset in such a  way. He said that this type of flawless affection and compassion should not be misconstrued.  He said that singer is quite disturbed because of the whole incident.


Playback singer Papon is known for his song in popular Hindi films such as Befikre, Sultan, Barfi, Dum Laga Ke Haisha and many others.  Playback singer Papon’s actual name is Angaraag Mahanta, but he is popular by his nickname only. In other words, is popular by his nickname Papon.

Along with this, is a founder of folk-fusion band Papon and The East India Company.’ Papon is a great Indian classical, devotional, and folk music singer. In fact, he got his initial training from his father. Along with this, his first Hindi album was released in 2012 ‘The Story So Far’ His first album in Assamese ‘Jonaaki Raati’ in the year 2004. Papon’s fans opened NGOs by the name Paponists. They call themselves Paponists. Along with this, the album ‘The Story So Far’ was awarded GIMA in the year 2012. In 2015 was awarded for his best pop album of the year.


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