She was a great actor, so perfect in her job that she transformed herself in the character as she is nothing other than that.  A great actor and dancer, and also a great mother of two children too.  There was very good chemistry between her and her husband Mr. Bonny Kapoor.

A sort of versatility was found in her talent that could amaze anybody.  She was basically from Tamilnadu, but she worked in so many different language films, ie, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi film in a way that everytime she left an impression on the heart of the audience.  Her Bollywood debut was in 1979 with the film Solva Sawan.

But, a great popularity she achieved from the film Himmatwala.  After this film, she became a superstar.  She was considered to be the first female superstar in Bollywood history.  She had been even a highest paid actress in Hindi cinema during the 1990s.  She is remembered as a first female superstar in Bollywood

Along with films of mainstream she also worked in so many art films which are called parallel cinemas. Padmashri was also awarded to her by Government of India in 2013.  She achieved film fare award for three times.  There has been so many up and down in career but every time she lifted herself and proved her to be the best.


She was born on Agust 13, 1963 in Tamilnadu.  Her father’s name is Mr. Ayappan, who is a lawyer by his profession. Her mother’s name is Rajeshwari.  She has one brother and two sisters.


During the soar of her career, there was a News in the media discussing affairs between Sridevi and Mithun Chakravarti.  There was a rumor occurred in media describing that Mithun Chakravarti and Sridevi had married secretly.  This brought an uneasiness in the Mithun’s married life that made him came to media and he gave his clearance over the rumor.


Sridevi’s film career was started as a child artist when she was just 4 years old.  Her debut film was Thunuvan as a child artist. Sridevi was also awarded the Kerala State Film Award for Pubabatta (1971) a Malayalam movie. During that time she worked in several Malayam, and Tamil-Telugu films, for which she was awarded different awards.

As a youth, her career was started by Bollywood film Solva Sawan in 1979. But she became popular from film Himmatwala in 1983 where star Jitendra was in opposite character. That movie was proved to be a blockbuster and then she did so many films with Jitendra.  Her film Tohafaa break all the records of popularity and earning.

During the year 1986 she came in film Nagina where she played a roll of Ichchhadhari Nagin.  That was a super duper hit of that year.


In 1987 she played a role of a journalist in the film Mr. India.  That was scientific thriller film.  Anil Kapoor was in opposite role. Song de de de de de saibaa ball wapas hamaree song was very popular among children of that time. Rain dance of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi was just great.

In 1989 Shri Devi played a dual role in her film Chalbaaj that was an Iconic movie of that decade.  He achieved a lot of praise from cinema lowers. She was rewarded as best actress awarded in film fare award celebration. This was her first Filmfare award.

1993 she worked with superstar Amitabh Bachchan where she played a double role in the film. A part of the film was shooted in Kabool and collected as popularity in Kabool as she collected in India.  A film in the same year Rrup Kee Rani choro ka raja which was a big budget film and was a super duper flop film of that years. Then she appeared in film Ladlaa and Judai.

In 1996 she made a distance from Bollywood after marrying with Bonny Kapoor, but she continued to appear time to time on different occasions. In the year 2012, she appeared in film English Winglish which amazed the audience and she proved that she was not a superstar for word. She was just superstar.


Recent news of passing away of Shridevi has stunned the country and all cinema lowers.  She was in Dubai and enjoying light moments of her life before she suffered a major heart attack. She reached there to attend a marriage celebration of her relative.  This legend actress is now no more, but she will live in heart of every Indian through the memory of wonderful contribution she had made in the world of cinema.


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