According to me, it totally depends on person to person and the family background they carry. For some people virginity matter but for some, it does not. I believe that if a person is seriously in love with you and cares about you, then it should not be a matter of concern for him.

Should Virginity matter in a Relationship

Whatever I did before someone special came in my life,  should not bother my partner by anyways.  If he is an adult or matured man then for him virginity is not a big concern. Many times I have heard many guys who want a virgin girl, but they themselves are not virgin. Why is it that virginity matter for them?

Why does virginity matter to them?

For a guy to choose a girl with whom he is looking forward to getting marry and spend his entire life, virginity matter. Why does virginity matter to them, when they are the ones who are always a step ahead of girls in case of losing virginity?

If you met a girl who is virgin, will you love her more than the girl you met is not a virgin? If a girl is a virgin then it is her choice to wait and is not yet ready for it. For her, according to her belief- virginity matter. But for a girl, who holds different perspective towards this topic, she is considered slut or a material kept only for getting physical. She is not considered a marriage material. Why is it so? It is her choice of losing virginity and for her, it is not a big concern. For many people virginity matter to the extent that they even break their marriages.

It all matters on the person involved and the feelings you hold towards him.  You cannot deny the fact that if you care for someone, the past remains past until it is affecting your present and for them, virginity does not matter.

Judging someone on the basis of their virginity

It is a very common question which might be asked by each one of us by the person you are in a relationship with.  Judging someone on the basis of their virginity is not good. You should never be judged on your choice. It’s totally your decision.  It is not necessary that virginity matters for everyone. However, you can be lucky if for your partner virginity does not matter. He does not want to know whether you are virgin or not.

When we talk about men it doesn’t matter but when we look towards girls of our Indian society virginity matter. They became judgmental towards girls. In this 21st century, almost 90% of the people have lost their virginity. Many people believe in sleeping with the person they want to spend their entire life in order to check their sexual compatibility.

For them, virginity matter is not a big problem. Their main focus is their relationship and the feeling of love they share with each other and are looking forward to spending their entire life together.

If a man judges a girl on the basis of her virginity so he should also wait and control his feelings until he gets married. Who gave him the license to satisfy his physical needs before marriage? If he can do so with this opinion then why can’t girls do that? They also have some needs and desire. So why virginity matters for them.

What should matter a lot in a relationship?

If you wish for a healthy and a stronger relationship which is free from all conflicts. Then the only thing which should matter to you is honesty. You should be brutally honest with your partner. They should not highlight the virginity matter.  What happened if you slept with someone or he slept with someone before you both dated each other?  That was totally a past which should be forgotten and you should focus on making your relationship strong and happy.

If your love is true then who cares about whether virginity matter or not? Then the virginity matter becomes a secondary thing for the couples dating each other. Once you have discussed the past relationships and experience then you should never blame each other in the present and should not talk about the virginity matter. Does virginity matter to any extent in our society? It is not valued for the sake of virginity itself but because of the fact that they value something else.

What should matter to you is the loyalty and love they hold for you. A virginity matter should not be your requirement at all. Gone are the days when virginity used to define the purity and perfection level of the individual.

When everything is clear to you both then there is no need to fight in the present and spoil your relationship. The fact that you both were not virgin in the past then how does the virginity matter for you in the present relationship? And if you still fight on this virginity matter then you both are not mature enough to handle your relationship.

Psychological connection with your partner

In the end what matter is love? Being physical does not mean that you are getting into a physical act. Rather it highlights the fact that you are creating a psychological connection with your partner. It has no other meaning apart from this. It helps you to understand your partner easily and makes your bond stronger.

It’s an act of being together and an expression of love. Virgin or not should not affect or change these things. No one can deny the fact that it is a biological act but it is also an act to express your love for your partner. For some, it can be just an act to fulfill their physical needs but for some, it is a physical connection made to keep their bond stronger and spent their rest of life together. The relationship builds more and more in this way and for them, virginity matter is not a concern.

In last I would like to conclude by saying that it is totally your decision and your perspective towards virginity. But in today’s world where man and women’s are considered equal, virginity matter is not a big concern.


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