Shivraj Anti-incumbency factor in MP

Shivraj anti incumbency factor in MP

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has confidentially said that there is no Anti-incumbency factor in his government. The way people support his government automatically shows that there is no intolerance or any Anti-incumbency factor involved. Chouhan slapped his Body guard in front of everyone and was highly criticized for it. This, in turn, gave air to the Anti-incumbency factor in his reign.

What is Anti-incumbency factor?

It is a crucial term which is generally used during political elections.  Here incumbent means a person or a party currently in power holding any designated political position.


When this incumbent person again stands for reelections and experiences the voter’s dissatisfaction or unhappiness towards him during voting then it is called Anti-incumbency factor. This is one of the important factors highlighted during elections as it directly reduces the vote for the incumbent person standing in the reelections.  While it can be beneficial for the opposition party as their number of votes might increase with it.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan on the Anti-incumbency factor

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, 58 years old in power since a decade says that the MP Government is working on a correct path. We have introduced and implemented many new policies beneficial for the citizens of MP with no intolerance or cow vigilantism issues. Law and order are always kept at high priority in my government. Therefore Madhya Pradesh is the peaceful place where no Anti-incumbency factor exists and harmony is maintained.

Shivraj anti incumbency factor in MP

All the SIMI networks have been finished and tough actions have been taken against Naxalites and dacoits. All kind of discriminations has been eliminated as people of all religion and committees celebrate all the festivals together.


There is also the ban on Beef eating and anybody found breaking the laws will be given strict punishment. He along with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi performance has managed to influence people to believe in the MP Government with no Anti-incumbency factor in it.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Shivraj has been selected as the chief ministerial face by BJP President Amit Shah. According to him, development is the only concern as all 230 Assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh are equal to BJP. The one who works for the welfare and improvement of the country will automatically win the support and votes of the citizens. He campaigned a lot for the BJP by conducting many road shows and political rallies.

Shivraj anti incumbency factor in MP

Because of back to back welfare schemes introduced by the BJP Government, it has developed an emotional bond with the people of the country. The other opposition parties are jealous of Prime Minister Narendra Modi performance, talents and popularity.

Modiji leadership and the success of the MP Government are two of the advantages for the State. It is because of Modiji that India status has raised so much and every Citizen of MP is proud of him. With the help of his Ujjawala scheme, we have distributed around 90,000 gas cylinders in just one district of Madhya Pradesh.

Modiji with his Doka La Border standoff resolution with China has strengthened India–China relationship also. Because of such powerful government people does not feel any Anti-incumbency factor.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan criticism for Congress

He further criticized Congress leaders who were ruling for past 10 years. He complains that they did not demand any developmental work for the country from the ruling BJP government. Congress who has high interest in Madhya Pradesh has hardly spent any time to think about the state development.

Shivraj anti incumbency factor in MP

They are afraid of the fact that one more defeat could affect their chances to win the elections from MP. No development took place in the Vidhya region of the MP since last 10 years. The region consists of one Chief Minister and an Assembly Speaker who are present every time in the office.

They lack the spirit of leadership and are the ones who talk about Anti-incumbency factor. Shivraj further said that there is no Anti-incumbency factor here in my party since last 12 years.

Chouhan follows the advice of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, “One should outshine from the others by drawing the bigger line instead of erasing the existing line”. In context to the above lines, he says that all the opposition parties do not have the capability to fight with the Prime Minister. They only try to play with words and do not perform any specific action for the development of the country.

This Anti-incumbency factor will not affect the Assembly elections at all which is going to happen later in this year. With the feeling of Self-pride and national pride, there are no chances of Anti-incumbency factor at all.

Anti-incumbency factor in BJP or Congress

However, considering the current situation where BJP Government is struggling hard to increase their number in the Rajya Sabha. They want to win the majority of the seats from there in the Assembly elections.

Shivraj anti incumbency factor in MP

While in Karnataka it is observed that the Congress is facing Anti-incumbency factor and the BJP is overruling it. But the state BJP CM Yeddyurappa has been sent to jail many times for his involvement in the corruption.


The elections of Karnataka later in this year will decide that which party (BJP or Congress) is facing Anti-incumbency factor. In many of the states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh the main competition is between BJP and Congress.

Thus, the elections of this year will decide the position and success of BJP in the Lok Sabha. These elections could be the influencing factors for the Congress to raise its position which has been down after BJP stepped in. If it performs well in the Assembly elections then it would be the biggest failure for BJP and success for Congress.


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