Sharia law is written in Kuran only once which describes the way of living a life.  Sharia law came out from Mohammad Sahib words called “Hadith” which means his actions, “Sunnah” and the Quran which is dictated by him.

What is Sharia law?

Sharia law includes public and private behavior as well as beliefs. It also favors strict punishment for those who commit any kind of crime.

But in today’s world, in the name of Sharia law, they are spreading terrorism and bloodshed throughout the world which is just inculcating the feeling of fear in the people against Sharia Law.


The most shocking and embarrassing fact about it is that the Muslims who follow these Sharia laws are the ones who are spreading the feeling of fear among peoples.

Islam made by Prophet Mohammad

The Islam was made the symbol of love and peace by Prophet Mohammad but these Muslim terrorist are committing large-scale crimes in this peaceful country on the basis of Islam.

The most astonishing fact is that nobody is there to stop them. They do not have heart or soft feelings for anybody. These laws were considered equal for all irrespective of their gender in the society.

Then why is sharia law considered for Muslim girls only? Why not for men’s? What laws are there in Sharia for marriage, divorce, inheritance, custody of children? Why are they wrongly interrelated only for female citizens?  Why these laws deny women rights in the family?

I know I might not be having that much knowledge as compared to people who believe in Islam. But I am just trying to understand the reason behind this gender inequality in Islam. Let first of all see the laws which are there in it.

 Sharia law for women’s

  • A woman or girl who has been raped is not allowed to raise her voice in court against her rapist.
  • According to Sharia law, in order to prove that a female is raped, 4 male eyewitnesses are required.
  • A Muslim woman who is not able to prove her rape by putting up four eyewitnesses is found guilty according to Sharia law and is punished by death.
  • A woman is forced to marry the male who raped her according to Sharia law.
  • A Muslim woman who marries into other religion and becomes a non- Muslim is punishable by death.
  • A Muslim woman who lives her life against the Sharia law is punishable by death.
  • If a Muslim woman is not found wearing hijab then the Muslim men can have sexual rights for her.
  • A Muslim woman is not allowed to practice polygamy while a man can keep as many as 4 wives.
  • According to Sharia law, a Muslim infant girl can be married to a man and she can have the physical relationship with him at an early age of 9.
  • It is believed that a girl clitoris can be cut and she can be beaten by her husband when found guilty.
  • A wife needs husband consent for marriage while a man does not require any kind of consent from his wife for a divorce.
  • According to Sharia law, a girl after divorce can lose the custody of all the children above the age of 6 while a man does not.
  • A woman is not eligible for any property of her husband after divorce.
  • According to Sharia law, Muslim women alone cannot talk to a man who is not her husband. While a man is allowed to speak to anyone he desires.

Countries following Sharia law

Many of the countries which are focusing on women rights have already started ignoring the laws of Sharia. These countries include United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Canada and many European countries.

Many Muslim leaders are focusing to spread this law till the depth. While in rest of the countries Muslims are focusing on making Sharia Law one of the official laws. 74% of Muslims in Egypt still follow the Sharia law.

A condition of women’s in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, Muslim women are not allowed to vote in municipal elections. Isn’t it shocking? They are denied from driving cars; they cannot take any decision by themselves, are not allowed to stand alone on streets and cannot travel alone.

Women are not allowed to have an identity card or to rush to office. Women are not allowed to go out of their houses without wearing hijabs. Saudi barely provides any rights for women.

In this 21st century where Women empowerment is given so much importance, there are countries who still do not consider women equal to men.Many Muslim women’s have lost hopes and have compromise with their situations. It’s very sad and painful to hear. But it is the bitter truth of the Muslim society.

Many women have raised their voice against their life being controlled by male guardians of the society. Each and every woman in Saudi Arabia who feels oppressed under the Sharia law should feel free to find her self-confidence, respect herself. She should leave the country and seek refuge in lands which are away from such dictatorships.

Fundamental rights of women are ignored under Sharia law

This Sharia law clearly proves that how the fundamental rights of women’s are being ignored. Sharia law says that the Muslim women cannot practice polygamy so why it is allowed to the males in their society. It’s totally your choice. One should be smart enough to know that if my wife is not going anywhere and is only with me then what is the need for me to go to other women?

In Sharia law, there is nothing mentioned about the number of children one can have. Why are the Muslim women forced to have more than one or two children? Why don’t you care about her health?

According to me, Sharia is neither a law nor a religion. Doing anything which is against the rule of society and country is a much more punishable offence then going against religion. Nowhere is it written in Sharia law that you have to sacrifice your life in order to achieve heaven. It is wrongly interpreted that in order to have a beautiful life after death once should join terrorism.

If you are doing anything against law you should be brutally punished for it. No religion allows anyone to murder people or to harass the women in society, discriminate her in order to achieve heaven.




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