Since childhood, we have been listening to many strange stories out of which some are fake while some are true. Sometimes some incidents are really hard to believe. You might have seen the vampires and witches in TV serials, pictures sucking the blood of people around them. What will happen if, in reality, you see someone in your surrounding doing the same? Will you believe it?

One such incident recorded

Here is a real story of a Mexican girl who is entirely similar to us. After knowing her reality you will be shocked.

This Mexican girl hobby is to kill men, rape them and after that having a bath with their blood. Her name is Gambia and is 24 years old, born in Hudalgo, Mexico. She has seen many difficulties since her childhood. Her parents left her at a very early age. From the very small age she was addicted to alcohol and gambling. She is also a skilled shooter and loved shooting animals.

At the age of 15, she had a relationship with 35-year-old man with whom she also had a daughter. This man used to mentally and physically harass her by beating her. She was having a tough married life. She became the victim of depression because of which her husband left her in her tough situations.

She was having no money to raise her daughter. In order to raise money, she chose the wrong path of prostitution after which she entered gambling. She started killing men, raping them and playing with their dead bodies and blood coming out of the body.

She has no regret for this

She told police that she loves to kill men and use to bath with their blood after raping them and she no longer regret for this. Gambia herself admitted her crime and is now behind the bars of Mexico jail. It is really tough for the government of Mexico to decide the punishment for such crimes.

Report says that she is mentally sick and was addicted to high dose alcohols and drugs.


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