It seems that the water crisis badly hit the tech city of our country.

As per the analysis, there are at least 200 cities in the world which are facing the severe water crisis. Also, there are 10 metropolitan cities came. Among this list, the Bengaluru is quickly heading towards ‘Day Zero’.

It is a situation where taps are running dry. The valuation by Down To Earth, a magazine available by green think-tank Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) hums alarm bells for many cities in the world.

The report says Bengaluru can go the Cape Town went. Cape Town which is one of the developed cities in Africa is been suffering from the worst water crisis. Here many reports came which are forecasting that the city’s taps will run dry this year, that too in the next few months.

This city has made the idea of ‘Day Zero’. It is to substantially reduce water use when a majority of the city’s taps will made to be turned off.

“Be it Cape Town, Bengaluru or Chennai, there isn’t much difference between these cities. They are all seeing a common present.But the important question to ask is whether these cities can create and move toward a common future that is water secure because it is waterwise. The Sunita Narain, director general of the CSE said.

Recharge of groundwater is minimal

The total extraction wells number in the city has reached from 5,000 to 0.45 million in the 30 years. Also, the “Recharge of groundwater is getting reduced due to growing urbanization.

It is sad to say that the city is making use of half of its treatment capacity. This is to treat the waste. Thus the considerable amount of waste is dumped into the water bodies” as per the analysis.

Also, Bengaluru is among the list of 10 cities which are facing ‘Day Zero’. This includes  Beijing (China), Sanaa (Yemen), Mexico City (Mexico), Nairobi (Kenya), Istanbul (Turkey), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Karachi (Pakistan), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Kabul (Afghanistan).

Moreover, the report also analyzed the answers of several global studies regarding water use. And also on the availability of resources.

And it is to notice that around  36% of the cities across the world will likely to face severe water crisis by the year 2050.

The urban water demand is likely to go up by 80% from the current level by 2050.

This is an alert to everyone which warns us to judiciously use the water.

 Key points :

  • An analysis represents that there are 200 cities across the world are facing a severe water crisis. Bengaluru is among the 10 metropolitan cities.
  • The number of extraction wells in Bengaluru has reached up from 5,000 to 0.45 million in 30 years.


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