A new story regarding Selena Gomez loves Justin Bieber but needs “me time” is totally made-up. The story comes from a site that has been certainly wrong with its slew of so-called “exclusive” reports.

Also, it is checked by Gossip Cop fact. They are categorically told no one close to Gomez shared that with any website.

As per the HollywoodLife, which has published numerous fake news stories about the two young stars? Gomez is happy,  she and Bieber “rekindled” their romance. Also she “feels the need” to take time apart from her boyfriend to work on her “strained relationship” with her mom, Mandy Teefey.

What sources close to Selena told

A made-up “source close to Selena”  cited as telling the often disproven website, “Selena really needs a little space, and time, on her own… She also wants to iron things out with her mom.” Gomez still “loves [Bieber] with all her heart, she just needs a little ‘me’ time, to help get her head together,” adds the seemingly fabricated insider before the blog notes, “Selena was recently seen in Texas, where her family lives, hinting that she’s working on mending things with Mandy.

This article was also made by HollywoodLife. Without any information, the site is making fake articles. Essentially, like anyone else, the repeatedly debunked blog saw photos on Twitter of Gomez in Texas on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Clearly, Gomez was back home but it was not to see her mom, who lives in L.A. for the most part.

Hollywoodlife  is all lie

A couple of weeks ago, the same blog that was certainly wrong about Gomez and Bieber spending Thanksgiving and Christmas together. It untruthfully claimed to have the dish on her special plans for his birthday.

In these wrong stories, HollywoodLife spread the fake news about Gomez planning a surprise party for Bieber.

Both fictional scenarios created by that fake site never happen. Actually, Bieber celebrated his birthday without Gomez. It should also be noticed that much like its previously fictitious and untrue articles. The outlet similarly maintained its supposed scoop came from a “source close to Selena.”

However, it should be abundantly clear that no one linked with Gomez is really talking to that site, which she publicly called “the worst.”

Key points:

  • The story about How Selena Gomez Loves Justin Bieber But Needs “Me Time” came from a fake site.
  • Hollywoodlife is a site which is responsible for creating and spreading fake articles about Selena and Justin.


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