One of the Tiger kept in the glass box in the Lalbagh, Tiger was killed by Prince Holkar Rao Holkar at the age of 14. Tukojirao Holkar III was the victim of the other Tiger in 1962 in Mandsaur district. Lalbagh Palace grew under the rule of three princes. First King Tukoji Rao, from 18184 to 1886, who started it. Second, King Shivaji Rao is from 1886 to 1900, which continues it. Third King Tukoji Rao was third, from 1903 to 1926. He loved this place so much that even though he had left the post in 1926, He stayed there until his death in 1978. Lalbagh Palace is open to Visitors in  Indore city from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in the evening.

Like all other museums and monuments coming under the Archeology Department of Madhya Pradesh, it is closed every Monday. The palace is one of the most prominent buildings of architecture in Indore and situated on the banks of river Khan. Regal Talkies was known as Usha Kiran in ancient times. Today the map has changed completely. During the arrival of Prince Edward in Indore, the Holkar College Ground transformed into an English Cantonment like shown in the picture.

Naulakha Bagh, it is said that it is having nine lacs mango trees in that regional area. Next, Saraffa Bazar where nowadays there are lots of rush and crowd. In earlier times people use roaming around with the help of Bullock-cart.

This place is now Famous for its yummy street food, makes the Saraffa lively even in the night.

A century ago, In 1903 Rajwada people are riding with the horses, bullocks, elephants

A century ago, In 1903 Rajwada people are riding with the horses, bullocks, elephants. In the present circumstances, the noise of vehicles is heard everywhere around. And people have difficulties walking by foot.



Harisiddhidi Temple situated at Pantharinath.




See, what says your earlier Indore?

M.G Road i.e. 125 years ago Aerial View of Mahatma Gandhi Marg. Earlier known as James Street,  Indore is one of the busy roads in the city. It has spread over 8.6 km, starting from the Goddess Ahilyabai Holkar international airport, it is also called the lifeline of the city. Maharshi Mandand Mandir near Rajwada.



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