According to a research, it is said that when you hold your partner hand, your body released the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin hormone is a love hormone whose effect is much more then kissing your partner.

This small gesture of holding your partner hand says a lot about your relationship with each other. It even determines the stage you are going through as a couple.


Let’s see the different ways of holding your partner hand:

  1. Without holding hands

If your partner avoid holding your hand then he is still not very much involved in your love. His hesitation can also be one of the reasons for not holding hands.

  1. Holding fingers and pulling the hand slowly

This indicates that whosoever will pull the hand allows the partner to take decision faster than he or she takes. It also means that one of you is tired of the routine in the relationship.

  1. Linked arms

This type of hand holding is very popular when the couple attends any social events. If this happens in your daily life then it means that one who takes the partner arm is slightly insecure about the other one. To seek protection from others can also be one of the reasons.

  1. Topping from the other hand

It is not a positive sign. It means that things between you both are getting serious. It is also a signal of your partner getting over possessive for you.

  1. Holding one finger

This shows that both the couple is understanding and give space to each other privacy and priority. It also means that the partner wants to be just a friend to you.

  1. Interlocking fingers

It shows that you are a strong couple and are passionate about each other. It is necessary for both of you to hold hand tightly. If one of your partner hands is relaxed then this is not a good sign.

  1. Down-facing palms

This shows that you are affectionate with each other instead of being passionate. One who places the palm downward has a stronger personality, takes all the initiatives and decision involved in your relationship.


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