A third of the six Scorpene class submarine has recently been launched by India navy, which has been a matter of pride for every Indians.  Indian navy has recently launched its Scorpene class submarine INS Karanj  at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders ,  Mumbai, Maharashtra on Wednesday.  It is third of the six Scorpene class submarines, built by MDL (Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders)  under ambitious Project 75 of the Indian Navy..  It has been named after the earlier Kalvari class INS Karanj which was decommissioned back in 2003.  It is one of the third Scorpene class submarine out of six which are being built by the Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDSL), Mumbai, under a $3.75 billion technology transfer signed in October of 2005 with the Naval Group of France under the Project 75.  The first of these six, INS Kalvari was commissioned in December of 2017 and second, INS Khanderi is going through sea trials. Remaining 4 Scorpene class submarines will be launched gradually by year 2020.

This program was actually delayed for about four years and Prime minister office also registered its annoyance to Defense Ministry for not taking action against the naval group and MDSL for this delay.

Admiral Lanba recently said, “MDSL and the Naval Group have put their houses in order and we have seen quick launches of the first three boats. I am quite confident that they have learnt from the experience of building and commissioning the first boat. I do not foresee any more delays in the programme.”   “INS Karanj saw action in the 1971 War and I am sure that this new incarnation will live up to its legendary namesake,” the Navy chief said, adding that he expected the new Karanj to be commissioned by the end of the year.

The Scorpene class has been Navy’s first modern conventional Scorpene class submarine series since year 2000 when INS Sindhushastra was obtained from Russia in July of 2000.

The Scorpene class submarine has an overall length of 67.5 metre with a height of about 12.3 metres. The hull form, fin and hydroplanes are specifically designed to produce minimum underwater resistance.  All, six Scorpene class submarines are being indigenously built at MDL under Project 75 with help of French Naval Defence And Energy Company (DCNS).


These are all diesel-electric attack submarines which are equipped with anti-ship missiles.  The first four submarines are conventional and the last two will be featured with Air Independent Propulsion system which will allow them to stay underwater for a longer duration of time.  The state-of-art Scorpene submarines are featured with superior stealth technology and capability to launch crippling attacks with precision-guided weapons.  The attacks can be carried out both while submerged or on the surface in all the war conditions, including the tropics, which will provide them an unmatched invulnerability.  These also contain mobile anti-torpedo decoys for self defense.


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