Salman Khan bail has been postponed today. The magistrate heard all the sides and the facts from both sides, thereafter he kept the decision on hold for a day.

The decision on Salman Khan bail may come tomorrow 7th April 2018

Magistrate said the Eye Witness has no reliable authenticity regarding the case since the High Court also didn’t recognize him as a trustworthy witness than how we can do this.
This verdict shows the case is going in the favor of Salman Khan at least on the Salman khan bail hearing.
The Salman Khan’s fans can relax and hope the day after today Salman Khan doesn’t need to stay in Jail in Jodhpur.
Magistrate counts the respect what Salman Khan showed to the Court Procedure right from the first date. He said it could not ignore in the Salman Khan bail hearing.
In the end, for now, we can hope the Bollywood Bhai Jan will be home tomorrow night.


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