Salman Khan bail is creating is a big buzz in the entire country. Everyone is concerned about Salman khan bail. But let me tell you that Salman Khan bail is not a big problem, he can easily get it.

When the Salman Khan follower came to know that he is being sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the black bug poaching case, they just broke down and praying for the Salman Khan bail. Even his childhood friend a known director Sajid Nadiadwala also canceled the party of Baghi-2.

Salman khan bail is a matter of great concern for all the Salman fans and their family members, including Nadiadwala. But they all should be relaxed as there is not so high trouble in getting a Salman khan bail.  In fact, there is a strong probability of Salman khan bail from jail so what if he got declared to get imprisonment of 5 years.

Here are reasons which clearly shows that Salman khan bail is not a big problem for their lawyers and counsels –

The most prominent reason that shows Salman khan bail does not seem like a trouble today is its presence in the court whenever hearing took place.During the two decades of the Black bug poaching case, he always attends the trial without any delay. Salman Khan has always been present during the trial whenever the order any issued during the trial.

In this case, he had given full cooperation to the police. Also, he shows his cooperation in the legal process which is a strong reason for easy approval of Salman Khan bail.  On Thursday Salman Khan’s lawyer, Anand Desai said: “that our legal team has filed an appeal in the sessions court against the judgment declared on Thursday”.

The hearing regarding Salman khan bail and suspension of the sentence will be heard on Friday. Whatever will be declared by the judge’s today will going to surprise everybody.

Why judge has released other costars

When the judge declared the release of other 5 people in this case then it shows that Salman Khan came out alone for hunting on midnight in the remote area outside Jodhpur.

As per the 201-page verdict of Jodhpur’s CJM, it was clearly mentioned that other suspects were present in the same vehicle. The vehicle in which Salman Khan was present. However, it was not proved that they have said him to fire on the black bug.

Apart from this, Salman’s lawyers can also argue on other important points in the Jodhpur sessions court. They can argue on the lower court decision. If lower courts had declared him guilty of certain things then how for that thing he has been acquitted through high judicial verdicts.

In such a case, he can not be called guilty. Even though there is a complete option of looking for the high court in case  Salman khan bail is not approved.

What, if Salman Khan bail will not be approved –

If Salman Khan bail will not be approved then he will definitely knock on the doors of a high court and then the Supreme Court. A legal counsel and Supreme Court lawyer DB Goswami also given his point. He said “In the magistrates’ court, there is a hearing for a sentence of up to 7 years only.

In this case, the same has been heard in the magistrates’ court and the verdict has been passed. If the sentence was for three years, then in this court only they can file an appeal for the suspension of the sentence.

But if the sentence is for more than 3 years then it that case a magistrate court cannot do anything. If nothing could happen in the magistrate court then the verdict can be challenged in a sessions court. As per rule, there is 60 days are fixed for filing an appeal against the punishment given by the magistrate court.

We will wish that our favorite superstar Salman Khan bail will be approved soon.


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