Finally, the court order regarding Salman khan bail got declared. It is the one of the best news for the Salman khan lovers. You all will be happy to know that the Salman khan bail is granted by Jodhpur court.

The reason for the delay of Salman Khan bail appeal was delayed because it took a lot of time to type out the order. The Salman khan bail order was finally declared at 3 pm.

Salman Khan bail was granted on the surety of Rs. 50,000.

He will be released from the jail till 7:30 pm.

The arguments from 3 corners took place that is  Salman Khan, Bishnoi community, and the government.  has put his points.

The Vishnoi Community lawyer is continuously argued for more than 5 years of imprisonment of Salman Khan. But the Magistrate had appreciated  Salman Khan for cooperating with the legal process. The magistrate said  Salman Khan obeyed each judicial procedure.

Eyewitness statement prove Salman Khan’s guilt, the prosecution argued

The prosecution argued that Salman Khan bail plea application was rejected based on the eyewitness accounts. This proves that the guilt of an actor’s in killing two blackbucks in October 1998.

On the other hand, the defense counsel argued that the eyewitness proofs are comprised of various disagreements and are not totally true.

Also, Salman Khan’s lawyer said he is a very good social identity who exampled humanity multiple times. So if he is not getting bail then it is totally wrong. An innocent person has punished then it is something against humanity.

Salman Khan sister got faint

Also, the  Salman Khan’s sister Alvira and Bodyguard Sherra were both presents in the courtroom. During the hearing in the court, Alvira got faint. Salman Khan’s bodyguard Sherra has supported her and took her out of the courtroom. The sisters also went to see Salman Khan in Jodhpur Central Jail.

The Salman Khan sisters heart was literally broken when they heard about the Salman imprisonment for 5 years. Both sisters of Salman were present with him right from the first day.


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