You must have heard about various cases on YouTube and social media where a passenger has been pushed out of the plane. There are certain rights of air hostess that many times create troubles for passengers.

Misbehave is something which is majorly faced by the crew members and air hostess. But this is something which ends up in big trouble for passengers.

But do you know that this can even make you out of the plane? It is one of the rights of air hostess that she can prevent the passenger from boarding in the plane if she complains about it. So this is just the one but similarly, there are many rights of air hostess that creates trouble for passengers.

Here are the rights of Air hostess-

It should be kept in mind if a passenger does not follow the instruction of the air hostess then he is not allowed to travel. Though air hostess has the right to complain about the passenger if the passenger does not follow their instruction properly. This even leads most strict decisions to be made. The air hostess and crew members have the right to stop the passenger in the below-mentioned cases.

Right to divert the plane

If you tease or tamper any of the crew members during the flight, then the pilot and crew members. So, in that case, they use their right of diverting the plane. It makes no difference whether what was the act was, how it happened and who did it. The crew members give information of the tampering to the Chief Flight attendant and they decide whether to divert the plane or take it off the plane.

Right to prevent passenger to board

If any of the passengers are cruel to the crew member. If are into some quarrel and used abusive language for them. Also, If you fight with them or make a scuffle then crew members use their right of preventing the passenger from boarding.

A right of diverting a plane to the nearest airport

If any passenger tries to open the gate of the plane during the flight, then in order to prevent him from completing his journey. The plane is diverted to take that passenger to the nearest airport.

A right of disallowing drunk people to board

 If air hostess and flight attendants find you drunk. This can stop you from boarding. They will never allow you to travel. As there must be the chances that drunk people may misbehave with others in the journey. Though various air hostess said that this hardly happens. There is hardly any cases relat5ed to this. But in case anything like this happens and they found drunk people on the plane, they immediately use of the right of stopping them to board the plane. This is to ensure the safety of crew members and other passengers.

Right to disallow sick people

Due to the considerable risk associated with the sick people. They are not allowed to board a plane until and unless there are some reasons such as prescription of the doctor or traveling due to some medical reason  This leads to zero tolerance level for sick people. This is done to avoid the worse situation for travelers. So for the safety of the passenger, they are prohibited from sitting on the flight when their health is bad.

These are above-mentioned rights of air hostess and other crew members which they can use anytime. So in order to prevent any kind of trouble in the plane. One should follow the all the instructions of air hostess and crew members. Try to make your journey memorable in a truly positive manner.


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