RGPV :– A University or A Joke? Knowledge is just like water. With its colorless, odorless and tasteless attributes, water has the ability to occupy the shape of its host. Similarly, Knowledge, without any bars of caste, religion, and race, has the power to change the fortune of anyone. In this way, Education plays the role of a Charioteer, which the drives the chariot of Knowledge, in order to reach as many people as possible. But nowadays things aren’t working in such pious direction. The level of education is decreasing day by day and State Education University are playing a Vital role in it and so RGPV, a University or a Joke?

Yes, I’m talking about a State Technical University of Madhya Pradesh, Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki  Vishwavidyalaya. RGPV was established in the year 1998, by Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Act 13, 1998.

Rgpv A University or A Joke?

It Claims to be a center of excellence, in the arena of Technical Education, Research, and Innovations. RGPV is spread in the campus of about 247 acres, in the center of Hilly surroundings, at Airport road Bhopal. Under its umbrella, there are 05 UTD’s, 200 affiliated Engineering Colleges, 98 Pharmacy Colleges, 95 MCA Colleges and 04 Architecture Colleges imparting Graduate level instructions running around 17 undergraduate level courses, 85 Polytechnic institutions offering diploma courses in emerging and conventional disciplines. But the harsh reality of this institution is not like its ‘fairytale’ description.

It is quite difficult to digest this fact that this university has changed its pattern 3 times in last 2 years. But, in the case of RGPV, every TABOO is possible. The education level of RGPV affiliated college is below the standards of today’s prevailing scenario. RGPV is dragging an outdated education scheme and syllabus, with minimum (or we can say Negligible) practical approach. Most of the engineers produced by this institute and its affiliated college aren’t getting the required job opportunity. They are not that efficient and skillful to match the norms of jobs of the respective organization. Despite UIT, which is RGPV’s own technical campus, most the colleges under this university across the state are in the threat of getting Shut down. Zero inspections, Lack of proper education, extra-curricular activities, unexperienced faculties, least practical approach etc. are some nails in the coffin.

RGPV, a University or A Joke?

As I mentioned earlier that Knowledge is just like water. Water is portable until it is Unadulterated. The education of RGPV is disturbed by its own policies and improper management. So, if you are thinking to associate with this institute, to initiate the journey of knowledge, Think Twice…


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