Reservation has been lifted by the Modi Government

Reservation was over by the Modi Government, you do not even knowSatish Baudh President of national Democracy Bachao Andolan gave a fluent speech on the reservation. He said Hello, whether you know or not reservation vanished. If know then also everyone is silent. You all know but have not realized. If not realize will make you realize. Reservation for schedule cast for 15% and schedule tribe 7.5%. Including SC and ST reservation will be 22.5%. we represent the reservation of 22.5%. OBC has the reservation of 27%. Including SC, ST and OBC will 49.5%. Heard from the full calculation all this going is for free. Kashiram gave a theory saying that sc st OBC and converted minorities Just as Muslim as became yours, Sikh became as you given 5 to 7% of the reservation.

Where is reservation?

Just as also Hardik Patel also will be also given reservation under 27% only and also just from Haryana will be given under reservation of 27%. Kashiram gave simple theory all SC, ST, and OBC the total percentage is 49.5%. But the total number is 85%. As an example 100 bread is for 100 people then each people will get 1 bread. But in India, it is not that. In India, 85 people will get 49.5 bread and 15 people get 50.5 bread. He said Hello where is reservation?. In the reservation, no sparrow is moving around.

He said further for an example go in government office the reservation is all yours and number of selected people and recruitment can say as well are in a bundle of the number such as tradesmen, Thakur. The only and only one man named Balkrishna his hairs had been snatched out and leaving only Krishna. Your reservation is not yours ever. One frozen minded reported case saying they are getting lots of reservation nothing getting to them. Giving a pinpoint saying that just as this is your gets 90% marks This child is moving from  15% to general category.

Calculation of Reservation

This single seat is helpful for the poor people. The supreme court then gave a statement saying that SC, st student or candidate even getting 100 or 1000 is in only in 15%, 7.5% and 27% only.He will not proceed further. Just as an example in up SC will in the number of 20%  and reservation is 15% only.

20% are already greater.reservation is 15%. The competition will be greater or lesser. It’s already greater. The seats are somehow getting over. But now the reservation is all over. There is no reservation all over.  Then say what were yours politicians were doing what were we are doing?. Now the reservation is also over when someone gets selected to lower post then when anyone will retire will be in the same post. Then at that period of time what we were doing?. Where are the politicians who always say to take care of yourself.


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