Propose Day Ways To Confess LovePropose day is the second day valentine start from Feb. 7-14 in India, Propose day is celebrated on February 8, every year. On this day a large number of youngsters give roses to propose their girlfriend. The American popular actor said “Love is not something that you find, Love is something that finds you.” and if you have found a perfect partner then do not propose a day better than propose day . After all, this is the season of love and affection. There are so many ways that you can make your Propose Day most beautiful, memorable and special. Once in a year, this day came despite you can make this day memorable. First, re-live the moment that’s make you cherish. Enjoy as much as you can. Second, if your partner loves surprises and trusts you enough, then blindfolded walk to a beautiful location.

Third, plan for a musical proposal making it both romantic and memorable that make your partner feel special. Hire a band and give a playlist that increase the mood. Pick a place, set mood, let the music talking. If anyone wants to make propose day more special than then, Tie up with an aviation agency that does skywriting or sky banners. Take special someone on a day date near the area and rest left it to sky banners. Propose day is telling someone you like them or would like  to be an important part of life. Emotions are beyond words. To propose there is no bar of language, even region does not matter. Different ways to celebrate propose day.

1. Public marriage proposal: publish a full page advertisement in  a newspaper and declare proposal on a perfect morning with hot coffee.

 2. Destination proposal: Take unsuspecting loved one to a romantic pathway. After a long day of sightseeing and a perfect dinner; decorate your room with roses, candles and champagne for the big moment.

On propose day everyone must remember this day will come after one year, so say it what you think of someone special who is yours and who is waiting for you to ask her what is in your heart. So keeping the mind in rest for some time, think and say what heart want to say.


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