President Vladimir Putin received 75 percent of votes cast so far in Sunday’s election. Through this, he can easily win another six-year term as Russia’s leader. It means Mr. Putin elected for 24 years Presidency of Modern Russia.

Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin was in second with 13 percent. Then nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky with 6 percent. It is the results that came from the Central Electoral Commission. It showed about half of all ballots cast counted.

Putin talked at the thousands on the Manezhnaya Square near the Kremlin with a short speech. He thanks supporters for the election results.

In the speech, he said,”I see in this minimum a recognition for what I did in the past year under very complicated circumstances. I see in this trust and hope that we will continue to work as intensely and as responsibly.”

“We have to preserve this unity. It’s very important to attract all these people who voted for other candidates to my side. We need unity in order to move forward.”

Before the voting began, Russian authorities were worried about a potentially low turnout. As this could affect its perceived legitimacy. But turnout was 59.5 percent, according to the commission’s results.

These elections weren’t fair

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny claims politically motivated called for a boycott of the vote, as did other political groups. He was the one stripped from running in the elections over a fraud conviction in a court case.

Grudinin stated in a press conference that “It is too early to comment on the results because only 23 percent of ballots have been counted. But it is already clear that these elections weren’t fair,”

“Unfortunately Navalny turned out to be right. He said one could vote two or three times and we have examples of that in the Moscow region. It is clear that the counting of votes and in general all procedures of the elections were unfair.”

Putin is tolerant and intelligent….

Golos reported turnout in some regions in the far east was higher than the last presidential elections of 2012.

In the Moscow district of Babushkinskaya, there was a continuous stream of voters since the morning. At the 532nd polling station, turnout grew from five percent at 10 am to 35 percent by 2 pm local time.

Pensioner Galina Prokopievna, 58, said she voted for Putin because she respects and loves him and likes how he works.

“He’s tolerant and intelligent. He knows how to deal with the world,” she said.

However, in Babushkinskaya, there were some people who were not interested in voting.

An election is a celebration

There were music,  discount food sales and other activities organized in polling stations. As per the commission, the election is kind of celebration. There was a tender for companies that wanted to sell at polling stations.

He also stated “In any country, especially democratic ones, elections are a celebration when people come to cast their vote … Believe me, people are going to vote not because of the food,

Across Russia’s regions, reports of similar festive arrangements were also there. This includes raffles and special sales to attract voters.

Also, there were incidences of ballot box stuffing. And people even pressured to vote, and various other violations.


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