PNB Scam: PNB transferred 18000 employeesThe scam which took in PNB national bank of worth 11,356 crores. After which 18,000 employers transferred within a period of three days. This action takes place on the order of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). The highest impact of this decision will be on the officers of the branch who had been staying for 3 years.

Also, the impact of this decision will also be on the employers who had been staying for 5 years respectively. After the discloser of the PNB scam, on Monday CVC issues an advisory to the public sector bank. Why is this action taking now only? Why not earlier?

This rule also applies to the bank employees who had been frozen in the same bank at least more than 5years. The National Organization of bank workers has opposed this move. Ashwani Rana, the vice-president of the union, described it as a Tuglaki invigoration. He further said this time it is very difficult for the bank because in the month of march bank closes. Typically all bank have promotion and transfer between April and July.

The union has demanded to the Government to avoid this decision. Diamond merchant Nirav Modi and owner of Geetanjali groups Mehul Chaukshi are main accused in the scam. Together with Gokul Nath Shetty, they did the scam. When Government will find Nirav Modi and others?.

12 people including Gokul Nath and kharat have been arrested in this case. This whole scam was executed through the Letter of Undertaking (LOU). This is a kind of guarantee, on the basis of which the other bank provides money to the bank account holder. Now if the account holder defaults then the bank providing the LOU and has the responsibility to repay the amount of the bank. Are we here to discuss what happened in past? discuss how to catch them out and throw them in jail.They deserve to there itself not anywhere else.

Some official of PNB has incorrectly given the letter of undertaking(LOU) to Nirav Modi. Based on this LOU, Nirav Modi and his colleagues took loan abroad from other banks. Although, PNB did not mention the names of the lender. It is understood that Union Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, and Axis Bank also offers credit on the basis of LOU released from PNB.

If some officials already engage then punish them as soon as Government can. Do not encourage such bad habits. Do not make others thinking will they really sentenced to jail or not ?. will they got find out in a span of time?. Or they are waiting for the matter to be cool down.

This will be harsh with respect to the interest of the people as well as in respect to the honesty among the society. Politicians please, please stop blaming each other. This is not the scam that everyone did not aware of that. Without head officials, the large number of loans or any loans cannot sanction. So, take it as okay if we did wrong, let’s fix it. Otherwise, this will be cruel if they left without giving any punishment.

This will also be harsh if they do not yet find out.Even nations want to know if they are guilty, put them in jail not only for 5 to 10 years but, for the rest of the life. They deserve it to be there itself.

And come on, no one can stop them to give them guilty. Even if in helping them some are officials or MLA’s they also get punishment. Clean it. It’s a time to clean the system, at least the Swachh Bharat Campaign is running so, isn’t it? Make the environment, make the source clean so that everyone will automatically get clean.

It’s not only a big issue but also serious issue in terms of scam is concern.will it lay the foundation of other accused like, Vijay Mallya and others?

The process of cleaning must start right from now. It will take time foreign countries also involved in that. If we keep doing in spite of just saying in words nothing will change. The change will come only via if we do it. Do it such a manner that even they got to surrender himself. There will be no way to save them. They are dirty for the nations and for the society.



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