PNB Scam 5716 Cr seized like beating the streakAccording to the report and sources of the Enforcement Directorate, Assets as much as 5716Cr in a PNB Scam seized. The Law Enforcement Agency said 39 raids conducted, including 10 in Mumbai. Along with PNB Scam 5716Cr seized, The ED has also said that first Letter of Undertaking (LoU) was issued to Nirav Modi in March 2011, and it rolled over subsequently. This is the one of the biggest PNB Banking scam in India ever happened in the Indian Economic history. ED also said there is no response sent to Nirav Modi and other accused so far.

Mehul Choksi of Geetanjali jems were also issued said to present on Friday under the under the prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) and ask to remove from the office ultimately. Due to allegedly came under the scanner of PNB Banking Scam. PNB Scam beating all the steak ever happened in the banking sector. ED is also investigating as to why Gokul Nath Shetty, former deputy Manager of PNB not promoted or transferred from bank Brady’s House branch in Mumbai.

Shetty allowed to continue at the same branch and handle the same assignment for years. The norm is every Scale-1 officer should be moved to another desk every six months and should be shifted to another branch at least once in three years. If that happened, then such PNB banking Scam would not happen.  The Agency expressed concern over the pace of the investigation as the case involves foreign jurisdiction. On Monday it became one of the biggest PNB Scam Latest News.

In a Banking sector, Scam of 11,400 Cr never happened in the scams like PNB Banking Scam. It had not only raised the question regarding the security and safety of money as well as it also raises many eyebrows how it can let the scam happened. As PNB Scam beating the streak in terms of the amount of money how can it withdraw? without any proper instruction or rules. This has also become PNB Scam latest news all over the television, media correspondent.

Everywhere Debate not yet over and still, the question is so many no one would expect the Scam of amount 11,400 Cr. As per the reports PNB  5716Cr seized by Enforcement Directorate. Still, lots of money left when it will come back? The News headlines are in absolute speaking mode. As it is also true it has one of the biggest PNB Scam beating streak day by day.

In a PNB Scam latest news, ED has also said that first letter of Undertaking issued to Nirav Modi in March 2011. The share Market of PNB also gets decreases to 10percent till Monday.  The Banking sector not only gets Tight with this incident but also took actions in upcoming future. This latest news in a PNB Scam raised eyebrows of everyone Government, public, officials. Will this PNB Scam beating the streak?. If yes who is responsible?, Government, Officials, or only accused?.

This is not only a question everyone knows but also the voice that remains silent for many years. These scams had happened earlier also but as rich people with the help of money power and can say with the help of both of them they consolidated in their own way. If PNB Scam became the latest news who is guilty?. Is this a good impression or bad impression for the country and for the people all around, I think only bad it is.  Is this not an attack on Self-dignity?. This PNB Scam had led everyone down in terms of security, self-dignity, responsibility, everything.

As we all know from the above, PNB Scam 5716 Cr seized. Okay, Then why not these steps took earlier before the scam?. It did later when everyone knows about the scam. This is pathetic.  So that no one can make PNB Scam as the latest news. As PNB Scam not only beating the streak but also became trend topic nowadays.

These types of scam will be harmful for the society and  for the Nation with every citizen. So, let’s make a step to stop this. Everyone must have contributed in their own way. Make these Banking sectors the place to save earned money. Stop these scam such as PNB Banking Scam.Otherwise, this scams will let everyone down not only in terms of encouraging the scams day by but also it will hurt the faith towards bank from the public perspective.


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