PM Narendra Modi is responsible for farmer Suicide It is something really shocking that a 50-year-old debt-ridden farmer of Maharashtra commit suicide. It is said the Narendra Modi is responsible for the farmer suicide. The Maharashtra farmer committed suicide by drinking poison on Tuesday.  He blamed  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling NDA government clearly in his suicide note.

The name of the farmer is the Shankar Bhaurao Chayre. He is from Rajurwadi village in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. This place is among the worst-hit in the country due to the agricultural sorrow. He also urges the government to grant help to his family members in the suicide note.

After 12 hours of an incident, the family rejected to take over his body from the Vasantrao Naik Medical College Hospital mortuary.

PM Narendra Modi never understands the plight of poor farmers

The family commanded that either  PM Modi visited them to understand their problems or the state government must provide us the compensation. Then only they would accept the body in order to perform the last rites.

Shocked by the statement, Vasantrao Naik Sheti Swavalamban Mission (SNSSM) President Kishore Tiwari stated that he will visit the family of the farmer on Wednesday morning.

Mr. Tiwari said that “We shall provide an immediate relief of Rs. 100,000 to the family. Chayre leaves behind his wife, their three daughters (including one married) and a son. We have decided to adopt them by providing them full education, or if they are already qualified, with gainful employment to help the family survive.”

What wrinkle farmer suicide note contains

As per the sources on Tuesday distressed Chayre first went to his farmland in the morning to attempt suicide by hanging himself from a tree.

But the rope broke, due to which he has to consume poison. This made him unconscious. The workers over there saw him and immediately took him to a local hospital in a severe condition.

The medical officers informed that the  Chayre case was serious and counseled them to pursue help from Yavatmal town. But when he reached the yavatmal town hospital, he declared dead.

The police recovered a  wrinkled two-page handwritten farmer suicide note. In this note, Chayre narrated how he had tried help from numerous government officials. This includes MPs, MLAs, state ministers and others. But he was overlooked. So he became helpless and attempted suicide.

Reason for the farmer suicide

Through his note, he told that he owned a  nine-acre farm. On this farm, he had ingrained cotton. For this, he also availed a loan of Rs. 90,000 from a local cooperative society. But also took a debt of around 300,000 from a private person.

Unfortunately, due to the bollworm infection, the cotton crops of farmer got ruined in many parts of Vidarbha. Due to this, his entire crop was devastated. This leads to high trouble in repaying his big amount of loans.

He tried a lot but there is no option left for him. So he commits suicide.

This is not the first case of India where farmers suicide took place due to the debt burden. Every year there are so many farmers commit suicide because they didn’t get proper help from the government.

It is really sad that PM Narendra Modi  remain  totally in concerned towards this serious matter of continuous farmer suicide.  He is actually the main person responsible for such farmer suicides.

The PM Modi must look into the matter of poor farmers and also understand the plight of poor farmers. As agriculture is the backbone of our economy and farmers plays a vital part of agriculture. And the rate of farmer suicide will be like this. then the future if the country is really dark.


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