Philippines is in HIV crisis


Despite a gross reduction in the number of people infected with HIV in the whole world, the rate of HIV positive Philippines people is rapidly increasing.   On the basis of data collected by Al Jazeera that in just in 2017, 11,000 new cases of HIV positive Philippines were found.  Whereas in 2016, 9264 HIV positive cases were found, which is a clear growth of 19.85 percent.

In most of the Catholic countries, family planning was not considered so good.  But in 2012, its medical department improved its law.  They started encouraging people about family planning and safe sex methods. The number of HIV Positive Philippines people was 1.8 million in 2016 and was 2.1 million in 2015.

HIV awareness in the Philippines

Regarding the problem of the rapidly growing population of the country, the president Rodrigo Duterte said in a public meeting that the people of the country are extremely careless about the family planning.  “We have free birth control pills for family planning programs. You can use them. We can be more manageable with less population.

On the issue of condom use, the President expressed his opinion saying, “I am eating this sweet covered with foil. Can it make me feel like a dessert without a foil? Not at all, this same thing happens with sex with the condom. “He also advised women for a birth control injection that they can take for a period of six months. Health Department there revealed that in new cases found in 2017, 95% of them were cases of male transmissions. About 35 cases involved them were of minors under 15 years of age.


Human Rights Watch widely criticized him for this statement.  it is accusing him that he is very careless about the health of the people there. Rather than criticizing condoms as enjoyment barrier, they should make urgent policy reforms to increase the access and use of condoms to the people of their country. They should do meaningful work to protect the health of the Philippines people. Journalist and reproductive health advocate Anna Santos said that what the President said about the use of condom was thoughtless and irresponsible.

His comments on the condom tell us how much he knows about the HIV epidemic in the Philippines and how the condom is a scientifically proven method to prevent it from spreading, Santos said to al Jazeera. He said that due to fear, stigma, and shame about using condoms this disease is keeping up growing.

In a statement to Al Jazeera, Carlos Kondi, a representative of the human rights organization, said that instead of criticizing the condom, the President should take meaningful action as how to reach out and should encourage its uses. Policies that limit access to condoms are a major threat to public health. Kondi said this while speaking about the topic of HIV prevalence and high maternal mortality rate.


Meantime, a top Filipino advocate, Ronnie in Pagatak, told Al Jazeera that the increase in HIV cases is “dangerous.”

He said, “This is a pandemic.”He said, in Manila, HIV tests are going on in camps where we test about 100-120 people daily. About 8-10 percent of the tests are coming positive. Senator Risa Hontiveros said that he should not give a meaningless statement on the value of public health. She said that President Duterte is highly concerned about the topic of pleasure.

There is no such thing as pleasure in the growth of HIV and teen pregnancy cases.  HRW warned in 2016 that the country was walking on the path of a major HIV epidemic in the Asia Pacific region. HRW said that the spread of HIV has increased tenfold in the last five years in the form of men-to-men sexual intercourses. They have also accused the Government of failing to adequately implement measures for prevention.

According to the World Health Organization, despite the increase in cases of HIV positive Philippines peoples, HIV-related cases are declining worldwide.  This figure has decreased from 2.1 million to 1.8 million.


We expect that after understanding all the reactions, the supreme authority of Philippines will improve its perceptions.  It will motivate the people of the country to move in the right direction. He will show them the right path.  We can expect that growth rate of HIV positive cases (HIV Positive Philippines people) will decline soon.


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