Women Congress President Sushmita Dev said on Monday that Congress has promised to give free sanitary napkins for women; if Congress is in power in Meghalaya, Elections in a state on “27th February”.

Dev said that he has requested the Union and Finance Minister to removed GST on sanitary napkins.

If GST exempt, then it will become a product. Which will become cheaper in the rural market and private companies, It will take it there. Dev claimed that the BJP will not win a single seat in Meghalaya. And this promise of the free sanitary napkins will complete by the Congress. He has accused the BJP of not serious about security for women.

After 2012 Nirbhaya case, we changed many laws. But recently NCRB figures show that crime against women has gone up even further. Sushmita dev says 60% of Nirbhaya funds are unused, that amount is not used properly.

Sushmita Dev Targeted BJP Leaders

Dev also targeted the Union Minister Smriti Irani, who was present on Saturday in Srinagar, saying, “We need to ask a lot of questions from BJP leaders who are coming to Meghalaya and talking about the safety of women.”

Congress had also distributed sanitary napkins to girls free in Gujarat; All India Women’s Congress President Sushmita Dev announced that sanitary napkins would be free from the Congress government.


Dev also attacked the Narendra Modi government on imposing 12 percent GST on sanitary napkins. In which he had said that it is opposite to the government’s daughter Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign for girls. Dev, while addressing the press, said that 12 percent of GST on sanitary napkins has caused a big push to the poor girls and women. The Modi government does not reduce the tax (sanitary napkins) despite the demands of several NGOs and women organizations, although the tax on other parts is reduced.

Upon hearing all these things, we can say that due to Pad Man Movie, today the Government has started seeing these things from a serious room, and start politics on this issue too.


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