After Padmaawat Kangana Film Manikarnika Faces Ire

After “Padmaavat” in Rajasthan, the protest of ‘Manikarnika’ has started. In protest, the people have prepared to land on the road. This time, not The Rajput, the Brahmin Mahasabha has given warning to the government. Kangana Ranawat’s film ‘Manikarnika’ is showing resemblance to “Padmaavat”. Brahmin society has accused the film ‘Manikarnika’ of tampering with the facts of history. The shooting of the film done in Bikaner, Rajasthan. In The film, Kangana is playing the role of Rani Lakshmi Bai. Brahmin society has given three days to the Rajasthan government to prevent the shooting of the film. Pandit Suresh Mishra, president of Mahasabha say that in the story of ‘Manikarnika’, Rani Lakshmi Bai has described as the lover of any Englishmen. The General Assembly said that the filmmakers make clear from which Book the film’s facts have taken. First opposed Deepika’s film ‘Padmaawat’  and now Kangana Ranawat’s film ‘Manikarnika’.

Mishra told, ‘hamaare sootron ne bataaya hai ki nirmaata Rani Lashmi Bai aur ek angrej ke beech mein love song shoot kar rahe hain. hamen shak hai ki film Jayashree mishra ke vivaadit kitaab ‘Rani’ par aadhaarit hai. 9 January ko humne nirmaata Kamal jain ko chitthi likhkar lekhakon ke baare mein soochana saajha karane kee maang ki thi(Source From Times Now Hindi). The film shot in Jaipur and Aamer of Rajasthan, but in Jhunjhun shoot is still pending. According to the report, Kangana Ranawat’s film on the dream project will not be release untill its scheduled time that is June.

This film is being made on the life of Rani Lakshmi Bai, in which all the special effects are being added. This will take time to complete, due to which the release date has extended. The film will release in August instead of June. Although no such announcement made by the filmmaker. Or do we say that this society will prevent the atrocities being committed on women? It will understand that if the woman wants, the mountain can also shake. Encourage empowerment of women even they are also part of our society.


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