Pad Man effect – Different cultures view menstruation cycle in different ways. Studies in the early 1980s showed that nearly all girls in the United States believed that girls should not talk about menstruation. In some traditional societies, the menstruation cycle is experienced by women as protecting and making them powerful, offering women a space set apart from the male watch and from unwanted sexual or domestic pressures and demands.

Pakistan has banned the release of Akshay Kumar film ‘Padman’.  According to the Pakistani censor board, this movie based on Periods is against their culture. At the same time, Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar protested against it and wrote on Twitter that the subject of the film is neither immoral nor Islamic. Rather, it can work to make people aware.

If Pakistan connects the subject of this film to Islam then it is important to know that the Holy Book of Islam has been written in the Qur’an.

In the Hindu faith, menstruating women are traditionally considered Religious Impure and given rules to follow. During menstruation, women are not allowed to enter the kitchen and temple, sleep in the day-time, bathe, wear flowers, have sex, and touch other males or females.

According to the Qur’an, when women’s periods have come, men should stay away from them. However, this is not because women become impure during this time. Rather, this should be done because of this, because during the Periods, women have a lot of difficulties.

Do they undergo extremely pain talk about the other side why women are kept away from Islamic religious activities during the Periods? The recognition is that Begum Ayesha of Mohammad Sahib was unable to complete the journey of Mecca due to the menstruation cycle. Then Mohammed had said that it may be that this is what God wants for the daughters of Adam.

So we can say that different cultures vision menstruation cycle in different traditions and Pad man movie has shown a great deal of how people of different religions see menstruation cycle.


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