Once in a while, we all surrender to overthinking. In this modern time, mind rules the world. These days we have become more mind oriented. We think more and feel less.

Overthinking is natural in modern lifestyle. While overthinking you use mind more than your heart and body. One of the best decision you can take to stop overthinking is to bring a change in your lifestyle. One should take a break and start retrospection.

One should find out what is really important to you. Today’s generation hardly uses their physical bodies when we compare this to our grandparents.

Do u know that overthinking is one the biggest reason for several health-related problems that today’s generation is facing? The problems such as weight gain, heart-related disorder, mental disorder, bad immune system etc.

There are numerous options to divert our mind. e.g. hundreds of channels on TV, thousands of good websites and ebooks on the internet, endless social media updates in your facebook wall and so on.

If all this does not make your mind active then to you should understand that you are suffering from overthinking.

Here are 10 tips that can prevent you from Overthinking, If you adopt this in your life You will surely help yourself in overcoming this problem?

1-Don’t try to control the outcome of events

Overthinking is a sign that you are trying to control things. We should give our best and the rest should leave it to god. Because no matter how powerful you are in the society but things are not in our hand till. We just cannot control the outcome of events. It is many times depends upon our destiny. Also, it is not necessary to come first every time. You cannot even. Planning too much creates a problem. It’s better to live spontaneously without thinking of any results. Just think whatever happens happens for the best.

2- Acceptance and let go

Whatever or how tough is the situation, accept it deeply. Just imagine what could be the worst that can happen. Then mentally prepare yourself to accept the worst outcome. As once you accept the worst outcome deeply then you will be immediately at ease. Also when you are at ease then you can think clearly. This makes to think and realize what needs to be done at that moment. At times, you need to just let go and accept the situation. Also, do prayer and trust in God and divine justice.

3- Reduce your time on social media

You cannot totally stay away from social media sites. But we can reduce it. Because sometimes they have news which agitates you or makes you upset, angry or fearful. Instead, watch light-hearted movies or read content which makes you relax and at ease. Remember, because of overthinking your mind is already overworked and burdened. So give it a break and much-needed relaxation. It’s better not to add unnecessary information to your brain.

4- Deep breathing

The pattern of breathing is totally related to our emotions. For example when you are angry then your breathing pattern is different. Similarly, when you are relaxed then your breathing pattern is different and so on.

So one of the fastest ways to slow down overthinking is to breathe deeply. First slowly breathe deeply for some minutes and you will easily feel the difference. Also if any strong emotion is affected you. Then imagine the emotion and exhale deeply. Strong exhalation will release the energy which is producing that emotion in you. Also within only 5 minutes, you will feel a positive difference. This will definitely give the positive results please try to do this.

5- Do some physical work

Doing some kind of physical work is really important for your mental as well as physical health. Any form of physical exercises like jogging, walking, yoga, gardening, swimming, cycling or any other physical activity like cooking, baking, cleaning the house. If you start doing any of your favorite physical work you will see the difference in your nature by yourself. All this will help to change the direction of your energy. Instead of wasting your energy in overthinking make use of it for better things. Also if you make yourself tired physically then you won’t have the energy for overthinking. These days of the reason for overthinking at times is the inactive lifestyle. So try to include yoga, pranayama, swimming, brisk walking, jogging, active meditation techniques etc. in your lifestyle. This will change your thinking and give you mental peace for sure.

6- Don’t be serious about life

I know it’s good to be serious about your life, your goals and objectives. But it doesn’t mean to take it so seriously that you forgot to enjoy it. So its better don’t take life so seriously. Life has ups and downs. We should always learn to accept things as they come and try to face it with full zeal. laugh as much as you can. if you have the habit of overthinking then laugh for some before going to bed for sleep. when you wake up in the morning then again start your day with 5-minute laughter session. in working hours, take things lightly and don’t be too much serious. start enjoying small things of life. don’t wait for big occasions to celebrate. make every day a special day to live and celebrate.

7- Spend time with children

It is one of the best ways I consider to avoid overthinking. When you are with small children then you can be yourself. They don’t judge you and their innocence easily puts you at ease. Play with them and be childish. It is not at all bad to become a child for a while. With children you don’t need to use your mind, this makes start you using your heart. Also, this eliminates seriousness from your mind and makes you light-hearted and natural. If you didn’t find children. Then try to watch some good childish stories. A fun or an animated which you love the most in your childhood.

8- Vatta dosha in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, there are three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. When your vata dosha becomes serious then one of the outcomes of this is overthinking. So if you have the habit of overthinking then goes for the diet and lifestyle which helps to control vata dosha. One of the very popular Ayurvedic medicine for overthinking is ‘brahmi‘. It helps to slow down the overthinking. Also, the regular intake of ‘brahmi’ can relax the mind. It can is also good for stress, nervous system, insomnia and excellent for your brain.

9- Active meditation techniques

Since you are already overthinking, so passive meditation such as vipassana will not suit you. So it’s better to try some active meditation technique. This will probably slow down the overthinking. Also if you want to practice vipassana then try walking consciously or eating consciously.

It is important to notice that if you include meditation in your daily routine then overthinking will not happen. As meditation slows down the mind. Also, it can give you clarity on issues. This makes you make the intelligent decision without too much thinking. A person who meditates lives in the present moment. He or she does not allow his mind to move too much into past or future. One has to enjoy the present moment to the fullest.

10 – Don’t sit ideally

One should not sit ideally. He or she must involve in something. For example, read a book or watch any good movie. You can also do gardening or go for a walk. Just do something which makes you happy and also productive. If you keep on sitting ideal then the mind will start thinking too much. In addition to that best option is to distract yourself.  You can spend time with your friends and family or participate in any community service. It is best to be a part of some NGO. As doing something good for society will always give you a mental peace.

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