Our ‘favorite inbox’ Gmail is about to change – 5 new features are added

Our 'favorite inbox' Gmail is about to change

Yes, you heard it right that our favorite Gmail inbox may change in the coming weeks. Google is planning to give it a fresh look with some big changes to the way users use Gmail. Google is scheduling to launch a new design for its Gmail web interface. It will not only adds new features for the email client but also be going to give offline support which is majorly demanded by the Gmail users.

The coming changes in Gmail for Web have seemingly got exposed to an email which is sent by to administrators of G Suite accounts by Google.

As per that email, the new modification in the Gmail will appear on the consumer version of the Gmail. The message clues that the Gmail is going to have a new fresh look on the web. It will go to give a new Gmail experience to its users. Google is redesigning the Gmail and the features in the Early Adopter Program have been revealed. These features include Smart Reply, snooze notifications, new calendar web version etc.

The redesign, fresh look of Gmail on the web seems to very useful for all the users whether it is they are personal and corporate users. We will provide the detail of the all the new features added to our Gmail.

So Here are five modifications that are set to emerge at Gmail in a few weeks-
1-  Facility to self-destruct an email

As per the reports, Now Gmail will give us that facility in which the email will become unreadable after a specified time. Users can now send an email with an expiry date.

This can be done by clicking on the small lock icon which is seen while constituting an email. The icon is called as ‘confidential mode. This will help the recipient and also it will not permit the user to share the content in the email with someone else. Due to this, the user will not be able to download the content, copy or print it.

In addition to this, the self-destructing email’s time limit can also be stated by the sender. There are various time limit options include one week, one month or multiple years.

Along with this, it is necessary for the sender to confirm the identity the recipient’s with a passcode through the text message.

However, it is not clear that if this feature will be well-suited to those recipients who are making use of a different email service. Also, the sources say that Gmail didn’t mention whether the mail is encrypted anywhere or not.

2-Quick and easy access to a Calendar app

Google will soon be going to make the Gmail users make easier access apps. It also without exiting the mail or even closing it. The search giant Google is also said that it will definitely make accessing of G Suite apps more easy and quick. Google just changed the Calendar web version with some new features such as new icons, design, new icons, colors. Also, the event boxes which makes it look like a  Calendar app.

3-Smart Replies

The smart reply feature will go to scans all the inward message for expressing that needs a response. Then it will propose responses to save the user from having to type them in. The smart reply feature will allow users to choose from three automatic responses on the basis of the context of the message. This will also come to Gmail’s web service.

Now it is not necessary for the Gmail users to type all the replies. Particularly the apparent ones like ‘Let’s go’ ‘Thank You’, and other same expressions in emails. This is because Gmail will soon be going add these pre-typed replies to its Gmail new version.

Though this feature of Gmail is already available in Google’s Inbox and apps like Allo. It’s is really easy for the easy to read your emails when you’re working and traveling but it takes a lot of efforts to respond to this emails. Smart Reply that will soon go to available in your inbox by  Gmail available in Inbox will really be going to save a lot of time by telling quick responses to the incoming messages.

4- Now Gmail Users can snooze their emails

Now Gmail users are probable to get the facility to snooze their emails. It is something really important which users are demanding for a long time. If they get this feature the Gmail users are able to snooze their emails so that it will pop up in the Gmail inbox of the users at a stated time. This will make them reappear later at a time which is set by the users.

This snooze features allow users to read inbox messages when you want them. Also, it will avert any unread of any message. As one can snooze any message which one wants to follow-up later on whether you sent it or received it or sent it. The snoozed message will come back at the top of the inbox of the users.

5-Native offline support to the users

Yes, it is true that Google will support offline mode to its web users. It is from long Gmail users are demanding for this feature in their inbox. Now their weight is over as they will soon get it. Finally, Gmail is ready to provide offline support for its web users. This specific feature is probable to arrive by June this year.it is expected that Google will definitely give details about this feature at its I/O 2018 conference which is scheduled to be held in  May.

6-New user interface

Apart from all the above-discussed features, Google will also look for major changes in the design of its Gmail web version. According to some rumors, the new  User Interface is recreated in order to make it more attractive and appealing. They have made use of more colors in order to give a less chaotic look. This is confirmed by the Google when asked by the media.

This new web interface will soon be going to launch in few days. This will roll out in an early access programme for the both regular Gmail users and G Suite.

Also, the company is testing the availability of extensions on Chrome for Gmail. It is to check for the affinity before it gets wider rollout.

According to the Google spokesperson statement “We’re working on some major updates to Gmail (they’re still in draft phase)”.

As per the company, Gmail is likely to track the same roadmap when it comes to redesigning it with different features.

Last time it got a new look in 2014

Earlier in 2014 Gmail came up with the new look. During this makeover, the company had presented a separate app called as Inbox. It has added new utilities and features to it.

As per the Google, though many Chrome extensions already working with the new Gmail but all the new features are likely to arrive in June.  As the developers are testing it with caution before it gets enabled. It is expected that the Gmail web interface may look almost similar to the app version.

Also, there is an addition of new features in the  Google app on Android. This includes improved email capabilities on Google Home smart speakers. In addition to this, they may remove references to “Google Assistant for Households” in order to make reservations. This will also help with Stocks preferences.

All the Gmail users are really excited to see the new look of the Gmail. Hope it will come soon.


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