OSHO World - was OSHO a Sex Promotor or a genuine lifestyle trainerThe Today debate is about the OSHO. Rather was a sex promoter or genuine lifestyle trainer. According to Maa Prem, Nirmohi OSHO has seen as a SEX Guru which he is not. To call him Guru is Unlawful. She further said  We all have made those them as Guru as he not.

She further quoted to call him a sex guru is unjustifiable.   AS OSHO has said such things about SEX, none Guru had ever said. OSHO had also clearly said about SEX as we do SEX as a daily routine.What is sex? SEX  is not a pleasure. But, Is he so much worse. The followers are so many.

Leading life with fun is not a bad thing what OSHO said is absolutely true. He just said the living life with lots of fun. That’s what people nowadays want for. The Hectic workload and the generation also matters. OSHO said SEX is the pleasure. A desire for SEX is not rather forcefully. Its all about maturity. Nothing wrong with that.

His followers even think the same. OSHO was the Guru who also said to be happy and keep happy others too. In his many speeches, He said breaking all the ancient history, be fresh and energetic.OSHO made a Mind of such things which is happiness, joyfully, cheer the life.

Was he not a genuine lifestyle trainer?. Of course, he was. Wats wrong in that if someone is giving tips on how to keep, fresh, energetic and enthusiastic in life. OSHO just told to live in present. Many of them started meditation on a trial basis. The very responsive answer was OSHO has changed his or her life completely. Meditation is not a bad thing to do. Everyone even also said this is the life which anyone wants to live in. Even who have not done meditation in their entire life so far. With the OSHO World started meditation and even enjoying it to doing so as well.

OSHO World nothing is like that

Even though someone who wants to laugh in public cannot make a smile. The thinking behind will be how public respond to it. When want to dance cannot dance because what people will think. But in OSHO World nothing is like that. Anyone can dance, smile whatever anyone can do in OSHO Gangadham. Some also quoted saying nest place to come is OSHO Gangadhar.Gangadham became center of attraction for everyone.

OSHO is not all about single religion. He had given thousands of medium such tantra, yoga, Bhakti, Sufi, join everyone. Even world got attracted to it. Even lakhs of people get benefits with it. Coming at such exotic place such gangadham in Rishikesh is fantastic. The theme of love and friendship. With that OSHO wants to connect each and every religion. Telling everyone to stay together, live together. Even the respect of every religion that’s what OSHO wanted.


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