This Olympic can watchfull for Dog Meat culture in South KoreaFor longtime South Korea is associated with standardized that many people enjoyed eating Dog. A very major international sport hosted by Korea including this month Winter Olympics. Activists find out to end the old culture. The 1988 Seol Olympics marked the First time South Korea received widespread criticism of eating Dogs. During Football World cup in 2002, Brigitte Bardot the  French actress campaigned to boycott the event. This year, nearly 500,000 people have signed a petition against the Winter Olympics. Animal-rights groups are even offering a VR experience of dog meat farms to raise awareness.

In South Korea, Dog is neither illegal nor fully legal. It is categorized as a livestock but not as food by Minister of food Drugs. According to  History, Dog was very popular Dish among  Korean Peninsula, especially as a cheaper source of protein than Beef or Pork. There is a Royal record from 16th century describing an official who particularly liked the meat and whose follower bribed him with Dog to get Promotion.

In a country where one-third of the house own a pet, public opinion is turning against eating owns a pet. Almost 70 percent of the adult Korean said they do not eat Dog. According to the survey, which also said more than 80 percent of the teenagers said the same. More than half of the surveys said people like Dog as PET. In 2015, the Justice Party conducted the first nationwide census and found more than 17,000 dog meat farms.

The Government must put new and strict rules and make everyone follow if they want to stop the Meat of Dog. Encourage people to make them a pet. Make shelter for them or via Farm. The condition of the farm must also well maintained. The existence of any species depends not only on the how they grow and what they are for. It also depends on how to make them survive. Ya, that was the culture, But in that process, we can not make our habit of eating Dog meat. Everyone in this universe to survive. Say no to Dogmeat. Make them a pet, Make their shelter so that upcoming generation does not have said that they are daily flesh to eat.


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