Now you can recharge your mobile phone by Facebook


Do you know that now you can recharge your mobile phone by Facebook? As Facebook has created a new feature that allows users to recharge their mobile number by using a Facebook app.

This is to inform that this mobile recharge feature can only be available on the Android version of the Facebook app, so no iPhone users can use this Facebook feature.

How to use this feature?

Now you can recharge your mobile phone by FacebookThis new feature in the Facebook app is located in the settings tab which is characterized by a hamburger icon (three lines).

The user needs to click on the icon, and scroll to the bottom. Their user can find the new Mobile Recharge option.

You need to click on an option to open the page and then you will find the page which will explain you about how this feature works. This will only appear for the first few times when you open the mobile recharge page.

When you click on the ‘Recharge Now’ button, then you are taken on the new page which asks your mobile phone details. Here you need to enter your mobile number and select your operator from the given dropdown list.

After this, either you need to input a recharge amount or tap on “Browse Plans” option in order to view recharge packs for your number.

Once you have selected your recharge plan or enter the recharge amount, then the app will take you to the page of ‘Order Details. At this page, you will require adding your credit and debit card details.

For this, you need to ‘Place Order’ and then follow the essential steps to finish the recharge process. After that, you will obtain a receipt of the mobile recharge.

No net banking payment

It is to notice that you can’t make use of net banking for the payment. As for now this mobile feature of Facebook works only through a credit or a debit card. The one who will use net banking, UPI or any mobile wallets for the payment cannot make use of this feature.

In fact, the app will never permit you to assimilate any of the mobile wallets.

The facebook has probably launched this feature with the aim to take over on existing mobile wallets. This is likely to be the reason for integrating this new payment features into its platform.


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