Due to the shocking disclose of Facebook data breaches cases. Everyone doubts on the security features of the Facebook.

Luckily, Facebook has a  feature which can provide you the ability to revisit your data.  Also allows us to make a detailed summary of our entire Facebook data.

Don’t you want to discover all the friends you’ve deleted over the years? Or if you want to know about those “friends” who have never responded to your friend requests? Then you must make use of this Facebook feature.

Here are the small steps through which you can download all your Facebook data-

  1. First, go to general account Settings option.

Click on the top right arrow and select Settings:

  1. Then click on a download

After this, you have to click on download a copy of your Facebook data.  When you do this you, you will a confirmation email is sent. It is sent to the email address which is registered with your account.

You just have to click on the link within the email. This will start collecting your information.

3- Verify

Also, you will get another email. It is to note that it may take up to 15 minutes. Once you click on the link provided, you will come to the following screen:

4- Unzip the archive

Then just click on the Download Archive option. This will soon begin downloading a Zip file. When your file is downloaded. Then open it for viewing the following. After this click on Index.htm.

5- Categories

You can now clearly see what more basic version of your profile. This also has the following toolbar at the left of the screen.

6- Enjoy it properly

Enjoy discovering all the data in the various sections. But be cautioned, depending on how extensive you’ve been active on Facebook. You can also be there for some time.


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