Women who don’t have enough money to buy the pregnancy strip and the those who believe in natural and homemade remedies. Please be assured, here is one of the best methods to test pregnancy effectively.

This best method involves utilization of toothpaste. This toothpaste test is really easy and quick to perform. Also, it is really cost effective. As you just have to buy a packet of white toothpaste.

It is to be noticed that if you want accurate results then the color of toothpaste should be white in color. Other colors may not give you the accurate results.


  • First take a moderate amount of toothpaste in a cup or a plate.
  • Then add some drops of the woman’s urine into it.
  • If the woman is pregnant then, color of the paste changes and gives foam.
  • And if the appearance of toothpaste’s not at all changes she is not pregnant.

Scientific Reason behind it –

The chemical makeup of the paste interrelates with a pregnant woman’s urine. This causes the change which is noticed. Do you know that women are majorly making use of this homemade remedy, also they are getting favorable and accurate results.

Since pregnancy strip tests and also the test in a lab are quite costly, around $10 and even more. It depends on the company, brand and labs. So, women who want to save money and also interested in getting accurate results. Then they must try this home-based remedy. I am sure they will find this remedy not only affordable but also quick and easier.

It should be kept in the mind that if the toothpaste does change the color and foams. Then also the woman should use more conventional way in order to confirm pregnancy.

To confirm she can take a strip test. She can also go for a blood test. Homemade tests sometimes may be contaminated, or provide you less accurate results or reading. For instance it happens that the color of the paste does not change but the woman is pregnant. Through this they will be denied of getting the proper care which they should get. As we know that the early weeks of pregnancy are really crucial. And also it is the time when she is more vulnerable to a miscarriage.

But let me tell you that this is a homemade remedy it may or may not give you a reliable result. So better go for some advanced options. Being pregnant is one of the best feelings for the girl. So any kind of misguidance is really harmful for the health of the women.


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