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Now The Story Is About The Boy Whom The Girl Had Been Eyeing Becomes Viral

Now The Story Is About The Boy Whom The Girl Had Been Eyeing Becomes ViralRecently, the video of a girl on a social media became viral. In this video, she is winking a boy. Everyone knows about the girl that she is the South Indian Actress Priya Prakash Warrier, who is debuting with the movie ‘Oru Adar Love’. But do you know about the boy in the video, who is eyeing him? If not, then we are going to tell you that boy.

The name of this boy is Roshan Abdul Rauf.In the viral video, Priya, who is eyeing the boy, is Roshan Abdul Rauf. Roshan is now 18 years old. Roshan is a student of the first year of ICA. He is also a good dancer. Roshan had also participated in a dance reality show ‘D4’. In it, he was the finalist. In a recent interview, Roshan said, ‘This is my first movie. He is very excited about the film.

He does not believe that he will be seen on screen now. In this movie, there are five heroes and heroines. Roshan is very funny in real life. He has shared many fun photos on Instagram. He has also shared a photo of his debut movie on Instagram. In this photo Raushan is flying in the air and Priya is watching him.

Due to viral video, everyone knows Priya within a day,  but Roshan’s name is known to very few people

Eye to Eye contact also seen in this video.After that, Priya hit the eyes of Roshan. It was shown in this video altogether with a smile as well as with amazing expressions too of both of them.

Priya’s eye co-ordination with Roshan’s eyes and they both with a cute smile waving their head down. After that, the face of the boy with the innocence has also been shown with a very lovely smile. Those beautiful eyes of Priya have been shown in very beautiful ways. Raushan as smiling put his face on a friends shoulder.

It is a good thing to do this in the Valentine season, to hang out this video of Longo in the spring, there is no retired date of love. It just happens to happen whenever it happens. Hopefully, this lovely video has made the people memorable, keeping their love in the same way.

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