Two weeks after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin visited Moscow, the Palestinian leader set for a visit with Vladimir Putin. President of Palestinian Mahmud Abbas visited Russia on Monday in an effort to seek backing from Russia after Washington recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


Israel claims whole Jerusalem as its capital, on the other side Palestinians claims the eastern sector of the city, which was captured by Israel in the Mideast war in 1967 as a capital of the future independent state.  The conflict is mainly focused on the Old City, which is a place where Jerusalem’s most significant Muslim and Christian holy sites lie, especially on a hilltop area respected both by Jewish and Muslims.

The biblical Jewish Temples stood here for thousands of years which is known to be the holiest site in Judaism. Jewish call this temple as Temple Mount.  There also situated Al Aqsa Mosque, a significant holiest site in Islam, and the gold-topped Dome of rock. Although this place is under the control of the Israeli government, its annexation with east Jerusalem is not recognized by international community.  In this regard, Abbas visited Russia on Monday in an effort to seek backing from Russia.

The international community suggests that final status of Jerusalem must be resolved through negotiation.  Mr. Trump promised to relocate the US Embassies to Jerusalem but found it hard to carry out.  Under American law, the president has to sign a waiver every six months to ensure that embassy remains in Tel Aviv.  Mr. Trump had renewed this prior.  But, until now when the deadline of another six months has passed by, it remains to be renewed.


The Palestinians government warned that changing the status of Jerusalem would lead to the end of all peace efforts. They also warned of large street protests which could easily evoke a large violence.

Since December 6, since the announcement of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel relations between Trump administration and PA are not normal. In addition to this, the PA claimed that the Trump administration was not playing a role of honest broker.  Abbas has rejected any mediation by Washington regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  He disclosed his determination to work towards complete recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations. And for all these reasons, Abbas visited Russia in an effort to seek backing from Russia.


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