Is the sex slavery alive in this Modern World

A Defector claimed that The North Korean Cheerleaders at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang are used as-as sex slaves by Top Politicians. Le-So-Yeon a former, A 42-year-old former military musician who fled to South Korea in 2008, said that dancers and singers forced to strip and provide sexual services at parties held every day for the country’s Central Politburo. Isn’t it too harsh as far as singers are concerned?. Why is it so even they have also their self-respect and dignity?

Member of decision-making committee includes North Korean leader Kim-Jong-un and President Kim-Yong-Nam.  Lee further said “North Korea’s art troupe came here and performed with fancy dances and songs, but not only do they have to be in charge of Kim Jong-un’s propaganda, they also have to go to parties and provide sexual services. These parties held every day for the Central Politburo. And even if they don’t want this they have to serve with their bodies, like a human rights violation.Why people elect such pathetic government instead of taking care of people even government are supporting crime as well as encouraging misuse of human violation too?.

Kim Hyung-soo, 54, who defected to South Korea in 2009 with his son, a competitive skier said “The women there, when they attend, they have to undress. They ask to undress like objects. That’s the physical pain they have to go through.” Her claims say to base on past incidents that may date back several years. The athletes who took part in the Games  also describes as “slaves.”When the name slave will get call off on a world or in fact from this universe too.? As we get independent but from the ground point of view, we still imprison.

According to Han-SEO-hee “The Cheerleading Squad describes as an “Army of beauties”.This is such a bloody shit as far as Humanity point of view concern. As far as Feminism is concerned. Even the world is living in an era of science. The era where everyone wants to go to Space, Moon and much more to that. Is this a cruel world we are staying in?. Is it?. The world wants to know If the cheerleader will be in and among our family or sisters would we behave like this?, No absolutely not.Stop The Slavery Stop teasing singers, cheerleaders.


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