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New rules of IPL 2018 under controversy

The 11th season of the IPL 2018 has experienced a new twist with the introduction of new rules in the games. These changes came into effect after the Mumbai Indians wicket-keeper Ishan Kishan got injured.

On Tuesday during MI vs RCB match, the wicketkeeper of Mumbai Indians got injured during the 13th over of RCB’s innings in the 11th season of IPL 2018. ICC allowed them to replace Ishan Kishan with another substitute Aditya Tare.

New rules of ICC in IPL 2018

This change took place due to the new rules of ICC which came into effect last year on 1st October 2017. Earlier the substitute fielder was allowed by ICC to replace any fielder on the field. But it was not applicable for wicketkeepers until the new rule was passed by ICC.

The new rule allowed the team to use the substitute of wicketkeeper in case he is injured. It also allows the substitute fielder to stand behind the wickets which came into operation during RCB MI-tie.

The rule was seen in practice many times during the Ranji Trophy 2017as well as 2018. During Delhi-Hyderabad tie the former U19 World Cup winner, Unmukt Chand stood for Rishab Pant and was not seen later on the second day. A substitute player R Rohith replaced N Jagadeesan behind the wickets when N Jagadeesan was injured during the Tamil Nadu vs Odisha tie.

The Mumbai Indians used their substitute Aditya Tare during their tie against the team of Royal Challengers of Bangalore (RCB) yesterday on April 17.

Ishan Kishan- left-handed Indian batsman

Ishan Kishan who is 19 years old born in Patna is the left-handed Indian batsman and wicketkeeper who play for Jharkhand. He was later bought by Mumbai Indians for a huge amount of Rs 6.2 Crores. In his 20 IPL match carrier, he has scored 412 runs at an average of 21.68.

He got injured during the yesterday match of IPL 2018 when a ball thrown by Hardik Pandya hit him badly on his face. The ball bounced high from the practice pitch area and hit him in his right eye. He was immediately taken out of the field and was taken care by the Medical staff of Mumbai Indians team during his match against RCB in IPL 2018.

The need of wicketkeeper by Mumbai Indians forced ICC to provide them with a substitute of Kishan. Tare became the wicketkeeper for the MI vs RCB match of the IPL 2018. He was the wicketkeeper for the next 7.2 overs and was very hard for Sarfaraz Khan off Mayank Markande.

According to Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai Indians captain Ishan Kishan will be fine until the next match. He further said that he had some swelling in his eyes which could be better by the next match. Lastly, the Mumbai Indians won the match against RCB in the IPL 2018 with the total of 213.

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