In the world where we are seeing a lot of communal tension all around, there also comes up some inspiring and pleasing examples from all around.  An example of communal harmony comes up in light from Dehradun, a beautiful city of India.   Despite differences in ideas we frequently witness these type of moments.  A Muslim family from Dehradun has set an example of humanity.  It was by neglecting the typical norms in the name of religion and caste, by raising a Hindu orphan boy and marrying him as per his religion’s customs.


When Aayush and Prathrana Dayal had lost their parents, one of whom was a pilot and one was an air hostess.  They both died within the same year.  Following this, they were surrounded by their greedy relatives who were looking for the opportunity to usurp their wealth.  Twins father was aware of his terminal illness and he asked his friend Mohd Shahnawaz Zaheer to take up care of his children after his death.

Zaheer adopted Hindu twins.  Mohd Shahnawaz Zaheer, a commercial pilot was appointed as a guardian of twins named Ayush and Prarthana. This was accordance with the Hindu Minority & Guardianship Act. He ensured that he would raise the children according to their own (children) religion.  He will not pressure them to take over his religion.

After the death of their parents in the same year, their greedy relatives tried to gulp up their property.  Seeing the situation twins contacted Mr. Mohd Shahnawaz Zaheer.  On this, Mr. Shahnawaz Zaheer decided to file a suit in the court. They requested the court for children guardianship.  In response to this, Delhi high court made Zaheer as the guardian of adopted Hindu twins.  Along with all these courts also backed the Zaheer’s request up to set up a trust. This trust should be in the name of both adopted Hindu twins in the way that entire remaining wealth and property would go to the trust and not the guardians.

Minorities like Muslims, Parsis, Christian, and Jews were only allowed guardianship, or foster care until the JJ acts amendments in 2006.  Until JJ acts amendments, these above were not considered as legal parents.  Children also did not have inheritance rights.  However, according to Hindu maintenance and adoption act (1956), it allows Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, and Sikh as legal parents and were able to transfer same inheritance rights as their legal parents.


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