Morocco bestowed its bid book to FIFA World Cup 2026 on the weekday and is that the solely rival to a joint bid from the US, Canada, and Mexico. But reckoning on AN future analysis, there’s the chance that Morocco is disqualified before the taking June.

Here is however it works, and the way Morocco’s plans to vie with its North yank competitors.


For the primary time, each soccer nation is going to be allowed to vote, and each vote is going to be created public.

June: Up to 207 of the 211 member federations can vote on June thirteen in national capital, with the four bidding members excluded.

In aiming for transparency, FIFA’s pledge to publish the selection of every member might have an effect on the vote, as some officers can be exposed to potential intimidation.

Previously, FIFA’s ruling govt had chosen the planet Cup sites from 1986-2022.

The 2026 tournament {will also|also can|will} be the primary time the planet Cup within which forty-eight countries will play.

Morocco’s bid

Stadiums: the most important venue, in Casablanca, features a capability of sixty-seven,000, whereas FIFA can desire a venue with a minimum of eighty,000 seats for the gap game and final. solely 5 alternative stadiums have a capability of far more than forty,000.

Timezone: The chief business officer at FIFA Philippe autoimmune disease Floc’h highlighted, however, Morocco is in “the excellent zone for Europe and Asia” tv audiences.

“There are alternative ways that to get revenues,” he said, “and the zone in Morocco might facilitate the U.S.A..”

African Nations: but, Morocco is building an honest documentation by hosting the continent’s second biggest tournament – the African Nations Championship 2018.

it’s additionally staged the larger continent Cup of countries and also the Francophone games, that featured one,700 athletes.

Russia’s tournament twenty18 are going to be the Moroccan team’s initial tournament for 20 years.


Sepp Blatter was president once FIFA last voted on comfort station tournament hosts. whereas championing Morocco, Blatter queries whether or not it will calculate all fifty-three votes from the continent.

“Africa isn’t continually united,” Blatter aforesaid. however, he believes the Americans are “afraid … and provides the impression that they’re not from now on terribly positive that they’re going to win.”

U.S.A. investigations into FIFA might deter voters from taking the planet Cup to a rustic therefore determined to reveal wrongdoing inside soccer.

Inflammatory comments by the U.S.A. President Donald Trump that has displeased components of the planet might additionally add Morocco’s favor.

Africa’s hope

Africa has hosted the soccer world’s biggest piece de resistance just one occasion – in 2010 once {south africa|South continent|Republic of South Africa|African country|African nation} control the event.

CAF: The president of the Confederation of African soccer Ahmad Ahmad has given Morocco his full backing.

“This is our hope and our dream as a result of it’s unfair that an excellent continent like continent has solely been allowed to organize one tournament in an exceedingly century,” aforesaid the president of the Confederation of African soccer.

“I assume it’s legitimate for U.S.A. to need one in all our countries to form this committee, and that I myself as a president am committed to hitch during this bid.”

Change: whereas the U.S.A. hosted the planet Cup in 1994, Morocco has did not secure a bid fourfold.

“We are competitory against stronger economies, however the electoral system has modified, plenty of alternative things have modified,” Toufik Senhaji, Moroccan soccer journalist, told Al Jazeera.

“Morocco itself has modified throughout a previous couple of years in terms of infrastructure. we’ve got seen additional development in Morocco,” he said.

Qualification method

Before the take June, a five-man task force can assess every bidding country, and will doubtless disqualify it.

A five-man task force, dominated by European officers, can build examination visits, then grade and score the bids.

Score: The task force can assign a score from zero to five, wherever zero is “no necessities met/very weak” and five is “requirements exceeded/excellent”.

seventy p.c of the panel’s score goes for the infrastructure, whereas thirty p.c relies on projected prices and revenues.
Bids should score a minimum of two for the individual aspects of stadiums, groups and referee facilities, and accommodation and transport links.

“The scores have an effect on whether or not or not a bid qualifies for the future stage of the bidding method, with bids shortlisted by the FIFA Council,” per FIFA.

Minimum: Failure to attain two (“minimum necessities met/sufficient”) from the task force suggests that a bid “has been evaluated as ‘high risk’ and represents a fabric failure,” FIFA bid rules document states, whereat “FIFA shall terminate this Bidding Registration.”

FIFA’s Council should approve the decision of the task force before the Congress votes.


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