Recently there is a debate going on all over why Melania Trump is following a person on twitter who trump do not like a bit.  First, the question is for whom about the debate is going on.  Who is the person whom Trump would not like to be followed by her wife on twitter? Why should it be the subject of debate?  Anybody in the world has the right to choose, whom should he or she has to follow or not to follow.  Twiter has not set any parameter in this regard.  But, the debate occurred and still going on.

Melania Trump Complete Story

There are about 9.7 million followers on twitter account who are following first lady Mrs. Melania Trump.  But, recently the issue became a matter of discussion when a social media user discovered that one of the five people whom Melania Trump follow also include former president Barak Obama.  Everyone knows the Barack Obama is Trump’s least favorite person.  President Trump led the “birther movement” against Obama.  According to his claim, Obama was born in Kenya.  He was not a native of United States.

It’s unclear when did Mrs. Trump start following the former president Obama on her Twitter.  Although, she has had least interaction with Obama.

As there have been lots of accusations of the sexual attacks on her husband she looks somewhat irritated.  British novelist Matt Haig tweeted that, “It’s a lovely bit of husband-trolling that Melania Trump only follows five people and one of them is Barack Obama.”

There have always been mixed messages regarding the relationship with her husband.  At one instance she did refuse to hold his hand in public.  According to experts that she was looking as if she was in distress during State of Union address.

When we talk about Donald Trump, he is following 45 people, including his daughters Tiffany and his wife Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence. He himself does not follow Obama.

Although Melania Trump is not following Obama on her personal Twitter account, according to the accounts she does follow. It’s mostly related to family members, magazines, cable networks, which include CNN, and her husband’s rivals.


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