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Latest Shots hit by PM Modi in the State Council

PM Modi delivered some witty comments in a way that serious talks turned into a roar of laughter all around.

Here is list of some instances:

DO NOT STOP HER FROM LAUGHING, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME … Prime Minister was keeping his side on the President’s Address Resolution in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.  Congress and some opposition parties were shouting out slogans  there.  After this, when Modi was addressing in Rajya Sabha, there happened some funny talks.  In one instance when Congress MP Renuka Chaudhary started laughing loudly on Modi’s speech, Chairman Venkaiah Naidu, objected.  On this Modi commented. “Please do not stop her from laughing, this is the first time I heard such a laugh after Ramayana TV show.”  On this quick reply there was a huge laughter in the parliament.

.GANDHI JI’S DREAM OF CONGRESS FREE INDIA.  Modi was answering on the criticisms of Congress at the same time there was witty comments by Modi.  During that time, he said – you (Congress) says, we want Mahatma Gandhi’s India.  “Yes, we also says that we need Gandhiji’s India.”  The Prime Minister continued  to says “because on one occasion Gandhi had said that freedom has been achieved and now there is no need for congress and this is the time for congress to get scattered, and I am also talking about Congress-free India.”

“SULTANATE GONE …….. SULTAN REMAINS” – During the speech Modi was talking on familysm, Modi referred to familyism prevail in Congress. But, the special thing in this context was that, he just read the statement of former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh instead of saying anything on his side.

Actually,  a few days ago Ramesh had used the words Sultanate and Sultan during an interview which he gave to the news agency- “The Congress is currently battling the danger of survival.  Sultanat went away. But, we still think that we are Sultans.”  PM just used this statement for irony on Congress. And then said – I congratulate Mr. Jairam Ramesh for his openness. Modi used the line Sultanat gone, but Sultan remains.

YOU SHOULD REMEMBER – FOUR FINGERS ALWAYS REMAIN ON YOUR SIDE.  When Modi was delivering speech, Congress MPs were constantly commenting in the middle of that.  In the meantime the PM stopped and mentioned Sardar Patel.  On this Ghulam Nabi Azad ji said  that while speaking to our MPs Amitbhai Shah delivered a very long speech. He expressed his surprise over the fact that Shah did not even mention Sardar Patel in his speech.   On this Modi further said “I liked that Sardar Patel was in every literature of the Congress party, although, this day came too many years later.”  “But, after the election of Gujarat, a week later a program organized and Sardar Sahab disappeared. “  “When you pick up the subject, four fingers are on your side, do not forget this.”  This was one more witty comment of PM.

“YOU CAN STAB THE KNIFE OF ICE ….  – Modi referred to Congress’s claim on Blackdhan and Benami property Act in between the speech.  PM commented on Congress MP and former union minister Mr. Anand Sharma.  The Prime Minister said – So far we have seized more than 3,500 crore worth bona-fata properties. Congress MPs again started speaking on this. Modi stopped and said  with looking at Anand Sharma “Anand Sharma, you have the style of speaking, especially, you can make a knife of snow and stab without letting anyone know.”  This was just an another instance of witty comment passed by PM.

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