Know Why Mumbai is the 12th Richest City in the World
Know Why Mumbai is the 12th Richest City in the World

There is enormous range of smiling people of the Mumbai that is the 12th richest city in the world. When it comes to extravagant lifestyles, tourist attractions, and delectable foods, the picture of the 12th richest city in the world Mumbai and its busy roads conjures up in your mind. As everybody wishes to live in a place. Which is full of all the modern amenities and Mumbai is such a place that can exceed. All the requirements of people.

Well, talking about Mumbai in terms of financial aspects. It is the 12th richest City in the world. with $950 billions of wealth.  Also, it knows as the 12th largest stock exchange in the world. home of nearly 28 billionaires. The private wealth of individuals residing in the City is also included in the total wealth of the same.  It has the estimate by some reports that the financial capital of Mumbai is expected to be the fastest growing cities in the next years.

It is mentioned earlier that the private wealth of any individual is also the part of a total wealth of the city.  This includes all the equities, cash, and property and business interests of people. Being an economic hub in India, Mumbai can be considered as the best place to opt for the services. Such as media, real estate, and financial services.

Enlisted below are few reasons how Mumbai has made a strong presence. In the list of top richest cities in the world:

  • Highest GDP: As you know that the Mumbai is the financial capital of India, the main and foremost reason behind the same is that the city has a higher GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Apart from this, this is the home of several millionaires and billionaires that have also contribute Mumbai to recognize the richest City.
  • Bollywood: talking in terms of entertainment factor, Mumbai is also famous for Bollywood as many nationally as well as internationally recognize celebrities are residing here. The overall revenue and growth of Bollywood have also maneuvered Mumbai to be the 12th richest City.
  • NSE/BSE and communities:- As the City has the largest and oldest stock exchange of India- NSE, and BSE. It knows for its financial stability and growth. In addition to this, various big headquarters of recognized industries and organizations are also there such as RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India).
  • Great Connectivity: The overall wealth of any particular City also depends on the connectivity of any City. With so many metros, local trains and buses are available in the City; Mumbai allows its residents and inhabitants to stay connected with all the amenities available inside it. Apart from this, the city has the busiest airport in India which is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. With such astonishing facilities for flying abroad and explore the world leave no doubt about why Mumbai is the 12th richest City in the world.

Concluding this, Mumbai has all the essential factors. To have a strong presence in the list of richest Cities of the world. It also has a plethora of educational institutions and tourist attractions. That not just as a charm to the place, but also help in improving its economic value.


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