Before talking about greatest of all weaknesses we will first talk about most common weaknesses.  According to Indian line of thinking, Kam (sensuality or lasciviousness), Krodh( anger), mad (sedatives), Lalach (greediness).   These are the four enemies which create troubles in human life.  We can consider them weakness.  If anybody keeps aware himself of these four enemies, he can keep himself away from all the troubles in his life.  We will discuss all of four in a step-by-step manner.  Then we will examine all of them in whole and try to consider which of these is greatest.

KAAM (Sensuality or lasciviousness):  According to Hindu line of thinking everybody should be aware of Kaam (extra lasciviousness) in his nature.  Because it is something which can make the human life worse.  Maybe, because all of our social and religious infrastructures is based on control and regulation of this emotion.  It is a natural, but most powerful instinct.  So if anybody loses control over it, may result in getting a serious threat to his social and religious life.  So it is not acceptable in any sort of it.

KRODH (Anger):  This is another weakness in our Greatest of all weaknesses discussion.

Krodh means anger, anger is something which can create a great threat to personal life or life of others.  Everybody does have emotions of Krodh or anger, but it should be in a justified way.  Uncontrolled or unregulated anger is something which I would not suggest to somebody.  It can demolish whole life of anger bearer or anger victim.

MAAD:  Next in our greatest of all weaknesses list is Maad means sedation.  Everybody knows about sedation, which occurs from drugs or sedatives.  There are many types of sedation which actually not occur with the drug.   Lasciviousness, Proud, greediness also are the type of Maad or sedation.  These all are injurious to victim and bearer also.  Everybody should avoid all kind of sedatives.

LOBH (Greediness): Greediness is also in our Greatest of all weaknesses list.  A greedy person may sometimes do illegal activities.  Nature of greediness can hurt the benefits of other peoples.  This can attract a serious legal or social risk to someone.  Anybody may lose his respect in society and family due to this.

In all of the above four weaknesses, Kaam(Sensuality or lasciviousness) is the greatest one in our List   Greatest of all weaknesses list.


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