Karnataka, One PM on the Rocks, please:- To elect members of the 224 constituencies in Karnataka, Karnataka Legislative Assembly election will be held in April-May 2018. It’s high time for any political party to initiate their election rallies across the state. However, both the main rivals in the state i.e. BJP and Congress party had commenced their strategies from November 2017.

 Congress is looking forward to defending the state from Yeddyurappa and Co. whereas BJP is not in the happy-go-lucky flow, after protecting their alleged castle Gujarat, that too with a negligible margin.So, in order to conquer the state again, BJP played the same card since 2014. It’s none other than, the MODI card.

Yes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the election rally yesterday. He announced that the Congress party will soon be going to be eliminated from the state. PM said, “The Congress is standing at the exit door and Karnataka will soon be free from Congress culture.” Prime Minister said this yesterday while addressing at the Palace Ground, Bengaluru.

 Modi said the BJP government represents development whereas Congress means “corruption, casteism, appeasement, and dynasticism.”

Excuse me, One PM on the Rocks, please

Mr. Modi reiterates the corruption charges against Congress MLA’s.

Prime Minister said, “ There are serious allegations of corruption against Congress leaders. Reports are coming about them demanding commission in several projects. Karnataka govt is being recognized as 10% govt as no work is possible without 10% commission.” BJP president Amit Shah said,” The central government had adorned the state with more than 3 lakh crore rupees from various schemes.” Congress replies that this statement is mighty good for nothing.

  In Karnataka, PM Modi says his govt’s TOP priority is Tomato, Onion, and Potato.  Modi said: “Even farmers producing fruits and vegetables are important to us. They have top priority. If you go to any corner of India, you will find three vegetables — tomato, onion, and potato. That is why I call it a top priority — the T of tomato, the O of Onion and the P of potato — the TOP priority. The state government has reduced to 10% government.” He also claimed BJP’s CM candidate of Karnataka B.S. Yeddyurappa as farmer’s best friend.

Excuse me, One PM on the Rocks, please

 Why BJP always have to bring the Prime Minister of India to do the election campaigns and rallies? Why they always have to project Mr. Modi, in order to win a state? Don’t they have some of their own accomplishments? Is this is the reason why we elect a PM of a Nation? Many questions, but answer Teliyadu.

 At last, I want to ask a simple question. If there is no water in my house, the sewerage system is not working properly or any other problem in my area, so whom should I call? ‘Area Councilor’ or ‘Prime Minister of India’?

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