Kamal Haasan visits Kalam House before launch of political partyHours before the blockbuster launch of new kamal Haasan political party. Veteran actor Kamal Haasan visits the house of ex-president APJ Abdul Kalam in Ramanathapuram. He spends time with his family members.  Haasan visits Kalam house in Rameshwaram district. Warmly receive welcome by family members of the former President. The actor for a short span of time interacted with Kalam’s  brother Mohammed Muthumeera Lebbai Maraikkoayar.He said “Greatest can come from the simplest of the houses.This is one of them. I am touched.  Kamal Haasan party launch will announce today.

The actor modified for the day. Cancelling his visit to a school.As local administration denied him permission to visit. Haasan saw interacting with fishermen community in Rameshwaram. Kamal Haasan is all set to launch his political party. As he will disclose his party name and flag at the public meeting in Madurai. Is there any reason behind Kamal Haasan visits Kalam house?.Well, not yet known. Delhi chief minister and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal going to attend the launch event. At the Kamal Haasan party launch, Arvind Kejriwal its interesting to see what going on. Haasan is also scheduled to address public meets later on Wednesday at Manamadurai, Paramakudi, and Ramanathapuram before the grand launch in the evening.

Kamal Haasan political party will it affect the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu?

Kamal Haasan political party will it affect the current political scenario in Tamil Nadu?. The future will tell what will happen.Well, he is well known all over Tamil Nadu.  Will be able to become a good leader no one knows. Kamal Haasan in Rameshwaram what will be a purpose behind it?.Must say he touched from the work of  APJ Abdul Kalam. what will be the purpose of launching political party?.

Kamal Haasan party launch is not yet done. It will be done by today. The spectacular actor he is well known for his acting skills.As well as  Will he is good administrator?.The time will reflect soon. Kamal Haasan political party name still unknown to all. Have patience it will declare soon. Will it in the welfare and towards the well being of the society?.Kamal Haasan visits kalam house is also take in as to get family’s blessings the blessings of the Kalam as he inspired so many people like Kamal.

Kamal Haasan political party is the new trend as every actor who has done many films jumps back to become politicians. This is not new. Even it is not new the fans are still waiting to get announce the name and flag of his beloved actor party.Kamal Haasan party launch will be a new experience of a political era for the Kamal Hassan as well as spectators. Is it same for the welfare of the society?. Kamal Haasan visits kalam house is not only fruitful for him but also for the Rameshwaram public too.

Kamal Haasan party launch

Despite will the public turn towards his side?.But, This question is yet to decide even to all people of Tamil Nadu. The party is new, as the energy is tremendous will it converts into building the core party which will take care of the society.Will this party get the sympathy?. Will Kamal Haasan political party tend public towards themselves so that public respond?The upcoming time will disclose all the revealing truth.

Kamal Haasan visits kalam house also seen in the way that the famous actor went to take blessings from kalam’s house. Will this a beginning of the political time of Kamal Haasan?.Questions yet not over. The unparalleled journey remains a long way to go. The good thing is that if this path will become beautiful for society then the people’s love appreciation will be uncountable throughout. Unless it becomes not fruitful for the society the road can end thereafter.

Will people really appreciate  Kamal Haasan political party?. At least let’s get the name and party. Well, there will tremendous amount of supporters who are just waiting for it. Waiting for the one and only one wave of the renowned actor to wave its hand. Kamal Haasan in Rameshwaram will it the blessings comes true?.If it really becomes blessings, then this will be a huge amount of pleasure in terms of getting responses from the public.

Kamal Haasan party launch is yet another personal achievement in terms of the work is concerned. This is new and fresh so get ready to see the new look of Kamal Haasan, The political leader.


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