According to Hindu calendar, Kamada Ekadashi is on 27th March. According to rituals, those who keep fast on this day will surely be able to fulfill all his desires.

Kamada Ekadashi story

In ancient times, the king named Pundarik used to rule the town of Bhogipur. Many apsaras, kinnar, and Gandharva used to live in this city. Among them, Lalita and Lalit were very close to each other. One day Gandharva Lalit was singing a song in the Darbar. He started missing his wife Lalita while singing the song. Because of which he was not able to pay attention to his song. This was identified by the serpent named “karkat”. He informed the king that the reason of his diversion is his wife. Listening to this, King was filled with anger. He cursed Lalit to become a monster.

Rishi Shringi

On hearing this, Lalit wife Lalita got very upset and went to Rishi Shringi. She went to his “ashram “and started praying there. On seeing her devotion, Rishi Shringi addresses her as Gandharva girl and said that Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi is about to come. It is named as Kamada Ekadashi. By fasting on this day with full devotion her husband will turn into a human from a monster. Lalita did the same as guided by Rishi Shringi and her husband was transformed into a human again leaving behind his old form of monster.

According to Hindu calendar, Ekadashi comes twice in a month.  One is in the Shuklpakkas and another one is in Krishna Paksha. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day.  On this day one should get up early in the morning, take bath, and worship Lord Vishnu with fruits, flowers, milk, and panchamrat. In night instead of sleeping, one should do bhajan kirtan and next day after worshipping God, they should give food and Dakshina to Brahmans.

By doing so you are making lord Vishnu happy and with his blessing, all your wishes will be fulfilled.



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