JK CM accused of selecting a relative as Govt officerThe selection of Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s cousin as a senior officer In a government department has raised a political storm in the state.Will J&K CM accused of this. The opposition national congress requested an explanation from Mehbuba over the appointment of her cousin Syed Aroot Madni, who is a son of ruling People’s Democratic Party(PDP) general secretary in an executive officer in J&K Khadi and village industries board(KVIB).  Has JK CM preferred relatives in the administration?.

Is Mehbooba Mufti accused?.Not only Art, another close relative of senior PDP leader Peer Mansoor, who heads the KVIB, also figures on the list.The NC spokesperson Junaid Matu asked in a statement to Mehbooba how the duo figure on the list. He alleged and said “The government has taken the patience of unemployed youth for granted and it should not try to portray this brazen nepotism as a miraculous coincidence.

Most of the people figuring in the final list issued by the KVIB are either child of close associates of PDP leaders or have direct patronage from the powers that be”.What’s going to Jammu and Kashmir?.

If JK CM prefers relatives in the administration? then a proper investigation will be done whether it is right or wrong. And if it wrong, then stop spreading such news.Instead, give chance to those who are eligible for that rather than who is ineligible and still giving the chance to carry the post. Rather than this, some serious issues are also in J&K region. Who will talk about that?. Who is responsible for that?. Is Mehbooba Mufti accused? how can without any proper evidence?.

The giving preference of the relative is not new as far the news is concerned. But, what is shocking is even government involvement. There have been each and every step towards the growth of the region not for the increasing the numbers of family members and relatives in the big posts. Is J&k government aware of how much it will affect the J&k people?. The region wants to know and the people Jammu and Kashmir want to know when it will be stopped?. It will not be stooped only in that only region but also in the other parts of the country as well.

If Mehbooba Mufti accused or any official accused of that then they have to be questioned in a very proper manner. Or can say in a very strict manner. Why these politicians apart from the militants as well making are in process of making Jammu & Kashmir from heaven of the earth to the worst place on earth. The bad thing is bad for all. Whether it is politicians or officials.

There is no measurement of the bad thing. It’s unmeasurable. Everyone should try to make Jammu and Kashmir best place on earth. It is evidently true that beautiful nature and surrounding are a hub of Jammu & Kashmir.If it proves that JK CM prefers relatives in the administration, then will it affect the respect of the party?. Why not it will.

Jammu Kashmir is a place to see the view of heaven with naked eyes. It is as beautiful as ever. Even if the region is under the armies and the militants instead also it is in the most fabulous and spectacular to watch for. The beauty it posses is appreciatable. The wonderful gift of nature. Stop the violence and enjoy watching the nature. Enjoy making it even more stunning as ever. Stop also prefer relative to administration. The superb gift of nature will remain as it is.

If Mehbooba Mufti accused then she must confess that isn’t it is as simple as that. Accept the wrong so that it will not repeat again in future. Even everyone makes mistakes it’s true. But how many do correctly in future ?. If they do. The result shows a positive landmark. If Chief Minister wants to do at least have some honesty then tell the truth of the whole story.

It will not make people believe in you but also make think that she had done wrong and told the truth. So, she will not do any bad deeds in upcoming future. Will Jammu & Kashmir people know the truth?. Or they have to wait for the further report to come. If J&K CM accused, then don’t be silent speak the truth. Let people decide.


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