Jeetendra Will Go To Jail Sexual Assult Charges From Cousin

Police of Himachal Pradesh in Shimla registered a case against the famous film actor Jeetendra for complaining of sexual harassment. The victim woman alleged that Jeetendra had done wrong with her in a hotel room in 1971. The complaint received by the police in this way is, in fact, an event happened 47 years ago. When the victim was 18 years old and Jeetendra was 28 years old Jeetendra’s wife is in a distant relationship, the claim is from the woman. According to the woman, Jeetendra came to the Delhi based house at that time and took her to Shimla. The woman alleged that in January 1971 Ravi Kapoor (Jeetendra) had come to her house. During the shooting of which movie was not mentioned in the complaint. Actor Jeetendra dismissed the charge as “baseless and ridiculous”.

Rizwan Siddiqui says, “First of all, my client Jeetendra do not particularly consider their relationship with any such event, nor can any law to give such unwarranted and nonsense charges to the previous 50 years.” The Victim further described “Jeetendra brought me to his hotel room which contained two separate beds. “Tired from the journey I went to sleep in the far bed.” She, however, alleged that he later joined the bed for a while. She said he “smelled strongly of alcohol.” After assaulting her sexually, he finally left her alone, separated the beds and “we slept silently in the room that night,”. SP Khushal Sharma confirmed on Wednesday has received the complaint online. He said it would be sent on Thursday to an officer who would decide on whether to register an FIR. His cousin said it took years for me to tell this incident.

The guts come from me because of the Feminist Awareness Campaign, like #METOO. Due to these agitations, millions of victims of the world have got the courage to keep their point. Now the ray of hope came in the victims of sexual harassment by family and relatives.Later, will Victim get justice? What is the truth, nobody knows? The questions are many what will be the attitude of police and the court. It is, of course, that the opening of this case after so many days, it will raise the voice against home violence.



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