Isn’t it shocking that the highly dreaded and most appreciated fraternity of Sadhus follows some sexual rituals? Do you know that the Aghori sadhus are dishonorable for their rare and ghastly rites they perform?

They often do it as their religious routine. Don’t you think this is enough to stimulate interest and admiration among the public? These Aghori Sadhus are majorly related to the human flesh-eating. They perform rituals which make use of human skulls. Also they are famous for making love with the dead bodies. But do you know that there are various other reasons which make them totally weird.

First, let me tell you where these Aghoris live –

These dusky skinned followers of Shiva usually wear black clothes. They have long black hair which makes them easy to spot among others. They are so noticeably drunk and intoxicated that they can hardly stand. Still, their eyes seem sober and calm. Other than living at the ceremonious burning areas, Aghoris also live in isolated places away from the reach of common man. They either live in the cold caves of the Himalaya. Also, you can see them at jungles of Bengal where tigers sway. They also like to live in the unadorned, unfilled, hot deserts of Gujarat where you hardly find any living creatures.

What they eat-

Aghoris only believes in the Goddess Kali. The one who actually get fulfillment through alcohol, meat, and sex. Though these three things are totally forbidden for other sadhus this is ok for Aghoris. For them eating meat means eating everything. They think that eating anything will allow them to gain awareness. The awareness of the cohesion of everything and remove discernment. So they consume human fluid feces and even human flesh. Similar to other saddhus, they live in abstinence, but these above-stated exclusions.

Here are the most disgusting sex rituals

As per the Aghoris, when the goddess Kali demands satisfaction in terms of sex. Then they have to discover a suitable dead body. Then they do sexual intercourse with it. The weird reason they give seems to be disgraceful from the external world but in reality, is simple.

According to them, they try to find purity in the dirtiest. As per their belief if the Aghori achieves to remain attentive to God. During performing sex with a corpse also when they eat the human brain. Then it means they are on the right path.

Private ritual for sensual intercourse

Aghoris have another highly particular and very secretive ritual which is related to sexual intercourse. The ritual describes that sex in the core of the dead leads to attaining supernatural powers. They performed this ritual in the graveyard in the midnight. They perform it among the scattered ashes of the burned. Aghori in-groups unite at these fearful places for performing this sexual ritual.

The women who are used in this act are stained with the ashes of a dead. Then the intercourse completion is performed on the beats of drums and also they recite mantras.

Hold on, there is still more…

It is impervious to know only a menstruating woman is involved in this shocking act. She has to menstruate during the act. Also, it is noticed that can never be involved without their permission. The process of sexual intercourse is carried out for over an hours. Also, the men cannot complete their orgasm till the entire ritual is over. The men and women captivate the Shiva and Shakti form. They perform this act in an odd disciplined state of dream. In this, they grasp sexual energy in the form of supernatural powers.

These are unknown rituals which are performed by these Aghori Sadhus of India. Though India is full of strange stories and rituals. But still, this is something which is untouched and not known by many of us.


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